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Settle in with these weekend reads

Target raised its wages and added more staff, making problems for older employees. Americans are mourning the loss of US Rep. Elijah Cummings. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here’s what you might have missed during a busy news week.

His data was hacked in seconds

See how easily a hacker managed to steal our reporter’s hotel points and change his airline seat.

Opinion: Elijah Cummings understood the meaning of struggle

Civil rights advocate and Congressman Elijah Cummings passed away Thursday, but his contributions to politics will go down in history, writes Peniel Joseph.

Why some Target employees can’t pay their bills

Target was praised for raising its minimum wage. But some workers are still taking home less money.

High school sports with the highest concussion rates

It’s not just football players getting concussions on the field. Here are the three sports with the highest concussion rates.

7 takeaways from the CNN/New York Times Democratic presidential debate

The party’s fourth presidential debate showcased the shifting dynamics of the Democratic primary field as moderate candidates fought to climb into the top tier.

11 juicy details from Elton John’s new memoir

Sir Elton has a new book filled with unbelievable stories, like the time he hid from Andy Warhol during a cocaine binge.

What bread looks like around the world

To celebrate World Bread Day, a historian gave a brief history of bread and how it’s important every culture.