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Must-watch videos of the week

A mac and cheese scandal. Deep-sea rarities. A racist rant caught on camera. Here are the must-see videos of the week.

Racist meltdown

A Pennsylvania teacher has been put on administrative leave without pay after a video surfaced showing her use racist language against a parent with whom she’d gotten into a fender bender.

… Say what?

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant’s answer to a simple question went viral as he joked about his feelings toward his family. Here’s hoping they got the joke!

Underwater feast

Scientists could not contain their excitement as they stumbled upon a “whale fall” — a carcass of a whale that had fallen to a depth of more than 3,300 feet — during a live-streamed deep-sea dive. Watch as all kinds of sea creatures have themselves a merry banquet.

Picture worth a thousand words

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin explains why she was affected by this image of a father and son at a Trump rally, and she calls out President Donald Trump for his cursing and insults.

Mac and cheese exposé

What’s in the secret sauce of Panera Bread’s mac and cheese? This employee wanted you to know, so she filmed it with her phone — but was later fired for having her phone out around the food in what Panera said was a risk to food safety. Don’t let her work be in vain: Watch the video.