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Search underway for men who carjacked woman in El Paso County

A victim is speaking out for the first time after she was carjacked in her own driveway on Judge Orr Road near Elbert.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office says they are looking into two cases that are similar in nature, but they are still investigating if they are connected.

The victim said she was opening the gate to her property when an older sedan and came to stop. She says that’s when one man jumped out of the passenger seat and got into her car.

“I was trying to grab onto passenger door of truck, and I was kind of dragged. He essentially could have run over me,” she said.

The victim says one of the suspects was wearing a mask and is afraid they have been scouting out the neighborhood hoping to find people off guard.

Thankfully, she says she disabled the car using On Star, and later found the car dumped.

She is now asking anyone with security cameras on Judge Orr Road and JD Johnson Road to look through footage for a four-door sedan that’s silver and orange/rust in color.

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