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Anglers still hooked on fly fishing as winter approaches

Even with winter right around the corner, the salmon are running just in time for anglers to get some fly fishing in before it gets too cold.

Fly fishing guide Robert “The Bug Guy” Younghanz woke up early to get waders on and tread out into the South Platte River to catch some salmon.

“They’re a landlocked salmon, so they call them Kokanee. If they’re not landlocked, they tend to call them sockeyes,” said Younghanz.

When it comes to fly fishing, The Bug Guy is the man you want to be out with.

Although we weren’t having the best luck when it came to catching anything, they were definitely teasing us. But Younghanz says fishing is a sport of patience, and the fish don’t care about deadlines.

“It’s just been kind of slow because it’s very cold and the sun hasn’t come out,” Younghanz said.

Eventually, he was able to catch a fish for us, proving that even in the cold, it’s possible to get a bite.

“What’s nice is being able to be out here in beautiful Colorado on the south Platte River and just enjoy the peace and quiet being on the water and just honing your craft to fly fishing,” Younghanz told us.

You can take one of his classes or learn more about fly fishing by visiting the Angler’s Covey, located off Highway 24 and 21st Street.

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