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Pregnant horse euthanized after plane crash in El Paso County

A woman in Peyton says she had to euthanize her pregnant horse after it was injured following a plane crash outside her property Tuesday.

Julie Shook, who was the owner of 8-year-old Roxy, says a small aircraft veered off the runway into her property. The plane blew through her steel fence and skidded across the field.

While the pilot and the passenger were safe, Shook says Roxy was injured on the other side of her property’s fence. She’s not sure if the plane directly hit Roxy or if the horse ran away frightened and hit the fence, flipping over. But after the incident, Shook says she called her veterinarian who advised her to euthanize the pregnant horse.

“She was in such pain that she needed to be put down,” Shook said. “There was no saving her.”

Shook says the horse was a loyal companion, especially after her husband and sister passed away five years ago in a plane crash.

“I’m not angry. It was an accident,” Shook said. “I just wish that we could have had a ride and that I could’ve told her how much I loved her. I’ll miss her always. She was my perfect horse.”

KRDO reached out to the nearby Meadow Lake Airport to gather more information but the manager declined to comment.

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