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Blind golden retriever’s sister is his own guide dog

Golden retrievers Jake and Addie are brother and sister, and they’re showing everyone the strength of a familial bond. When Jake lost his sight, Addie became his new eyes.

Jake was a happy-go-lucky dog until his older sister, Molly, passed away, reported ABC News. That’s when the Atkinsons got Addie, then a puppy, to become Jake’s new companion.

The two quickly formed a closed bond as Jake taught his little sister the way of the world.

Soon, the Atkinson’s realized there was something wrong with Jake’s eyes. Months of treatments and vet visits later, they realized Jake could no longer producer tears, and his eyes would have to be removed to avoid lifelong pain. If they didn’t go through with the surgery, Jake would have to be put down.

“We were very concerned about it, because it just seemed so barbaric to have your dog’s eyes removed,” Kim Atkinson said. “He must’ve been so miserable … he had them removed, he was just a happy dog again. The vet said he was wagging his tail when he woke up from the surgery,” she told ABC News.

When Jake came home from surgery, he was thrilled to be with Addie again. He stayed close to her and turned to his sister for cues on how to navigate in the dark.

“For a really long time afterwards, she was always really close to him…He had to map out our house again, and learn where things were,” Atkinson said.

With Addie’s help, Jake can now romp around and explore open spaces like he used to. But when he’s introduced to a new environment, he does still rely on his sister for help.

Atkinson says the two just love being around one another and enjoy snuggling close together.

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