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Canon City Great Dane puppy is born green — yes, green

When Caddy Williams woke up early Monday morning to help her 3-year-old Great Dane give birth, she was expecting it to be special. But she had no idea just how special.

There was something a little different about Ami’s eighth puppy.

“It was so shocking when she was born,” said Williams. “Luckily, I had recently read an article about a green dog. So at least I knew what was going on.”

Williams explained to us that she writes down each puppy’s corresponding coat color and pattern when it’s born. You might imagine her confusion.

“As she was being born, I wrote down that she was black.”

But as Williams kept cleaning puppy number eight, she amended her initial categorization. And then again, and again.

“It was dark,” she said. “So I finally got out my phone flashlight — and she was green!”

Green puppies are a phenomenon that is thought to happen when light-colored puppies come into contact with biliverdin, a green pigment found in bile, reports CNN. Biliverdin is the same pigment that causes bruises to turn green, and it’s what dyes the fur in the womb.

Don’t worry, the pigment doesn’t appear to have any negative health effects on the pup.

“She’s healthy and beautiful and she nurses so well,” said Williams. “I just love her. She’s like a little shamrock puppy.”

Of course, a green dog deserves an appropriate name; Williams has decided to call her little green miracle Verdant. But Verdant won’t be green forever — the color fades in a matter of weeks.

Williams says that Ami and her nine puppies are healthy and well.

“She’s a great first time mom and taking care of her little ones,” she said.

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