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Columbus Day in Pueblo: Protestors call for change, others come out in support

Year after year, people in Pueblo come out in support for or against Columbus Day. The protests have sparked controversy in the city many believe to be the birthplace of Columbus Day.

Pueblo also has a high population of people with Native American descent.

Many protests take place in front of the Columbus Statue on Abriendo Avenue alongside events celebrating the holiday.

But a new bill in the Colorado legislature aims to put an end to the holiday in the state.

Supporters of HB19-1165 say Christopher Columbus committed terrible acts of genocide, enslavement and kidnapping of indigenous peoples, and therefore shouldn’t be celebrated.

At least seven states and more than 125 cities have repealed and replaced Columbus Day.

It’s an especially controversial topic in Colorado — the first state to recognize Columbus Day as a state holiday in 1907, according to the Denver Post.

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