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Neighbors call for change at deadly Calhan intersection

The corner of Judge Orr Road and Ellicott Highway isn’t usually busy until a tragedy happens.

On Monday night, two cars collided after one didn’t yield a to a truck heading north on Ellicott Highway. The crash killed an 18-year-old male.

Neighbors argue there aren’t enough signs or warnings letting drivers know that the intersection isn’t a four-way stop.

Babarba Elmore, who’s lived three miles from the intersection for nearly 30 years, says, “They fly and they don’t have time to stop.”

Drivers going east or west on Judge Orr Road are met with a red flashing light and stop sign.

Adrienne Edwards says it’s rarely used.

“People just really need to slow down and pay attention. They need to treat this as a stop sign,” Edwards said.

Drivers heading north or south on Ellicott Highway have a yellow flashing light, meaning they don’t have to stop but should yield to other traffic.

In the time KRDO crews were getting video of the area, at least three cars were observed rolling into the intersection without making a complete stop.

Edwards says that’s the problem.

“If someone is going Northbound pretty quick and they can’t see and you’re rolling through the light, that could be it for you,” Edwards said.

Both neighbors aren’t sure what the right answer is, but hope a change comes soon.

The identity of the victim has not been released yet.

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