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Mother identifies son as barricaded suspect killed in Monument

David Page, killed by law enforcement in a standoff in Monument on Sept. 29, 2019.
David Page, killed by law enforcement in a standoff in Monument on Sept. 29, 2019.

Crystina Page says her son, David Page was the man shot and killed Sunday in Monument after a standoff with law enforcement.

Monument police officers and El Paso County deputies responded to 265 2nd Street around 4:30 pm after receiving numerous calls about shots fired in the area.

“Three shots rang out and I asked her was that my son, and she shook her head,” she said.

His mother says she needs more answers, and she isn’t getting them.

“There are so many things I want the world to know about my son, and it breaks my heart that what most people will know is that how he died,” she said.

Crystina Page was standing outside the home as police surrounded it and says she waited hours without being told if her son was dead or alive.

“Roughly 7 o’clock last night his father Dan sent me a message with a Gazette article asking if our son was dead and that’s how we found out our son had been killed,” she said.

Page’s mom says the situation quickly escalated after he was seen with what appeared to a BB gun.

But the specifics of what happened from the time he was seen with that gun – to when he was shot by an El Paso County SWAT deputy – remain unclear.

Page’s mom says he struggled with mental health.

“He wanted so desperately for the world to be a happy place and a safe place. But I don’t think he ever felt like it was,” she said.

She believes there were missed opportunities to save her son’s life.

“So many times we asked agencies and organizations to come alongside him and help him with the things he needed in the way he needed and the system completely failed him,” she said.

Page works with several veterans who have PTSD and wishes someone would have given her son a chance and shown him the compassion she gives to those she works with every day.

Because the suspect was shot and killed by an El Paso County deputy, Colorado Springs police have taken over the investigation.

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