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Fountain to open new road and train crossing 10 years after approval

Workers in Fountain are putting the finishing touches on Duckwood Road, a new road that includes a new railroad crossing near the intersection of Highway 85/87.

The crossing will replace an older crossing a half-mile to the north at Mesa Road, one that town officials said is outdated and unsafe.

“They’re closing it? I didn’t know,” said Lisa Burlingame, a Fountain resident. “I’m sad because that’s my most direct route to everywhere I need to go.”

“It was never properly maintained,” said Linda Brown, another resident. “I’m glad it’s being replaced.”

Duckwood Road also provides a more direct route to Fountain Creek Regional Park.

Fountain voters passed a ballot measure for a sales tax increase in 2009 to finance the $3.7 million project.

Fountain City Engineer Brandy Williams said the project took so long to finish because the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe and Union Pacific railroads, the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Railroad Administration had to agree on it.

Some residents welcome the change, while others said it forces them to take an inconvenient longer route on Marksheffel and C & S roads, the latter of which was extended to connect to Duckwood Road.

“I don’t think it’ll be too much of an inconvenience,” said Fountain resident William Bates. “They’re supposed to be building 600 new homes back there. It just makes sense to have a safer crossing here.”

Officials have designated the area a quiet zone, meaning that train engineers will not sound their horns there. The town now has four such zones.

Duckwood Road opens and the Mesa Road crossing closes Oct. 1.

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