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Dog falls 60 feet near Upper Gold Camp parking lot

The Colorado Springs Fire Department deployed a rescue crew to north Cheyenne Canyon Thursday morning after a dog fell 60 feet.

It happened near the Upper Gold Camp Road parking lot that leads to the Seven Bridges Trail. The dog reportedly fell near tunnel three.

“I just finished my run, and I sat close to the cliff to rest for a little bit,” said Victor Brena, the owner. “So I took off the leash for my dog. Next thing I saw was her running to the cliff.”

The dog’s name is Oreo, and she is a three-year-old sheep dog mix.

At about 10:50 a.m., the dog was rescued and was walking away on its own feet. CSFD says the dog suffered minor injuries but has been reunited with her owner.

In fact Oreo walked away from the rescue alongside her owner. Rescue crews believe Oreo was incredibly lucky to be alive let alone walking.

“She fell to a spot probably 100 feet up in the air, so she was in a pretty precarious place maybe a two-foot by three or four foot long ledge,” said Ryan Boughal with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. ​​​​​​”She got pretty lucky that she landed right there. Landed in that perfect spot.”

Boughal was the man in the rescue crew to actually grab Oreo off the ledge. He says she was reluctant to come with at first. However, once she realized he was there to help she came willingly.

Crews tell KRDO, today’s lesson is clear.

“Even a well-trained dog can run after you or something,” said Boughal. “It is always a good idea to keep them on their leash.”

“I have to learn from this really,” said Brena. “I know that next time I can’t take off the leash. Cause it can happen again.”

According to rescue crews on scene, rescues involving dogs are pretty rare. In fact they claim that dogs are more conscious of the ledge on trails than humans can be.

#CSFD CSFD HI Angle Rescue. Upper Gold Camp parking lot. Near tunnel 3. Dog fell 60 feet. Crews making way there now. Media staging in upper gold camp parking lot. @CSFDPIO on scene

— CSFD PIO (@CSFDPIO) September 12, 2019

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