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City of Colorado Springs snow plows practice route ahead of winter season

The City of Colorado Springs held its annual City Snow and Ice Control Training Wednesday and plows were out in full force Thursday.

The City tries to complete the snow plow training by Sept. 15 every year. Each training prepares the plow operators for the worst.

In the 2018-2019 snow season, there were 29 recorded snow events requiring at least a partial call-out of City snow patrol. According to the City, the first snow event was Oct. 10 and the last was May 20.

The snow plow training helps plow operators prepare for their route and educates them on how to maintain plow equipment while out on the roads.

Jack Ladley who is the Operations Manager for the City of Colorado Springs says when winter weather strikes, drivers need to pay attention to the plows.

” I wish that they [drivers] would understand that plow operators have their hands full. They’re not just driving down the road with the plow on the ground, they’re operating the plow, they’re operating their computer in the truck, their operating they’re operating the material discharged out of the back. They cannot necessarily see you,” Ladley said.

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