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CSPD issued 2,868 red light camera citations in 4 months at Platte and Chelton

New video from a red light camera at the intersection of Platte Avenue and Chelton Road has picked up some scary driving.

The video shows three vehicles driving through a red light as they head eastbound on Platte.

The video was posted to social media by the Colorado Springs Police Department Tuesday.

The footage is from April soon after the camera was first constructed at the intersection. It’s the first of two in Colorado Springs built near problematic intersections, according to CSPD.

Police say that from April 1 to July 31 officers issued 2,868 red light citations at this intersection alone.

To put that in perspective, Briargate and Lexington also had a red light camera built at the same time. That intersection only had 220 citations issued.

These numbers are from the red light cameras only.

“The red light cameras act as a force multiplier, and have been beneficial in increasing red light enforcement,” said the Colorado Springs Police Department in a statement to KRDO. “Our goal with red light cameras is voluntary compliance. Ultimately, we want to reduce the number of red-light runners, thus decreasing the number of violations and their potential for crashes and injuries on our roadways.”

A red light violation is worth $75 a ticket. Each picture taken by these cameras is reviewed by a CSPD officer before they issue a ticket.

CSPD also just activated a third red light camera at the intersection of Northbound Academy and North Carefree last week and will add a fourth at Academy and Dublin later this year.

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