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City of Pueblo remembers the events of 9/11 with special memorial

On Wednesday, more than 100 people showed up at the Arkansas Riverwalk for a beautiful ceremony in which they remembered those who lost and sacrificed their life 18 years ago today.

The first bell rang at exactly 7:59 a.m., symbolizing when the first tower fell in the mountain time zone.

Chief Barb Huber with the Pueblo Fire Department said, “We lost a lot of different responders and to be able to stand here and remember together how important community is means everything.”

In addition to the ringing of the bell, the thousands of men and women who lost their lives 18 years ago today were remembered with a gun salute, the playing of taps, and one final bell ring to symbolize the final tower falling.

Those in attendance at today’s event said they remember exactly where they were when they heard the news.

“I remember I was dropping the kids off at school, they went to Trinity,” said attendee Rebecca Legan.

Bernie Jesik said it was his wife who told him.

“I was down at Station One downtown,” he said. “It was probably before seven and we were doing our morning stuff and just having breakfast. Then my wife called.”

Today’s event, which was organized by the Center for American Values and the Pueblo Fire Department, has become an annual event that organizers say will continue to happen for years to come.

Chief Huber of the Pueblo Fire Department said, “I think honoring people and honoring Americans at any opportunity we get, I think it’s an important piece.”

If you missed Wednesday morning’s ceremony, you can still honor those who died by paying a visit to the permanent 9/11 memorial which stands in front of the Center for American Values in Pueblo.

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