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Former Colorado governor takes stage for 2nd presidential debate

Former Governor John Hickenlooper was one of the 10 hopeful candidates on stage Tuesday for the first night of the second Democratic Presidential debates, and he addressed a few different issues.

Hickenlooper said, “I learned the small business lessons of how to provide service and teamwork and became a top Mayor and as Governor of Colorado created the number one economy in the country.”

During his campaign, the former governor of Colorado has tried to distinguish himself as the more moderate choice for Democratic voters.

“I’m as progressive as anybody on this stage and I’m also pragmatic. I have done the things that most people are talking about. And I know I can get results,” said Hickenlooper.

Some of the hot topics in last nights debate included healthcare and immigration, Hickenlooper believes that the problem of immigration, in his words, should be fairly fixable.

Hickenlooper said, “The frustration with what’s going on in Washington is they are kicking the ball back and forth. Secure the borders, make sure whatever law we have doesn’t allow children to be snatched from their parents and put in cages.”

In Hickenlooper’s closing remarks, he made one last push to prove why he deserves to not only be on that stage for the next debate but also, why he deserves to run the country.

Hickenlooper, “we expanded health care in Colorado. We beat the NRA. And for the last three years, we have been the number one economy in the country.”

However, with Hickenlooper struggling to gain the donations and national footing he needs, there’s a chance we may not see him in the next round of debates. Of the 10 candidates who took part in Tuesday’s debate, Hickenlooper had the least amount of speaking time, according to The Hill.


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