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Search continues for missing Colorado Springs woman who hasn’t been heard from in a month

For more than a month, Jepsy Amaga Kallungi’s family hasn’t heard from her.

Kallungi lived in Colorado Springs with her husband, and CSPD is investigating her disappearance.

But now, people who don’t know her personally, are trying to find her.

Sharon Casanova went searching near Red Mountain over the weekend for Kallungi, but didn’t find any sign of her there.

Like many others who’ve hoped and prayed for the 26-year-old’s return, Casanova doesn’t know Kallungi personally, but her disappearance hits home.

“As fellow Filipina, you feel sorry. You feel the need to help knowing that she has no family here in this country,” Casanova said.

Kallungi’s family hasn’t heard from her for a month. Something her mom, Margie Amaga told Casanova is odd.

“They talk almost 24/7,” Casanova said. “However, on March 20th that conversation ended abruptly, like for no reason.”

On Friday, more than a dozen people gathered at a Colorado Springs park to pray she’s found.

CSPD does have homicide detectives working on her case, saying there are suspicious circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

Members of the Filipino-American Community of Southern Colorado also have put up flyers calling for any information as updates have been few.

But with Casanova not finding anything over the weekend, it’s becoming a waiting game.

“We can hope that she’s alive, but at the same time, for the length of time that she’s gone, and no communication, any messages at all. I fear for the worst,” Casanova said.


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