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Flyers go up around Colorado Springs for missing woman

The search for Jepsy Amaga Kallungi continues after she went missing April 4th. Though her mom says she last heard from her in March.

Police have finally offered an update on the case saying the homicide unit is now leading the investigation.

Unfortunately, there are still many questions police say they can’t answer, including anything revolving her relationship with her husband.

But Jepsy’s disappearance is bringing even complete strangers, like Rachel Jackson, to help in any way they can.

“To give at least comfort to the family in the Philippines in the disappearance of Jepsy,” she said.

Each flyer Jackson puts up around Colorado Springs brings hope that Jepsy will be found.

“Maybe she is just out there hopefully, we crossing our fingers that she’s just out there,” she said.

Even for her, who has never met Jepsy, but has been in touch with her mom more than 7,000 miles away in Hong Kong.

“Last night I was talking to her for 4 hours, this morning I was talking to her. She’s really hurt about what has happened with her daughter. She’s having sleepless nights, she can’t even eat. I mean she thought it was the end of the world for her,” Jackson said.

Jepsy was last seen in March but police have said very little about her case and remain very tight-lipped.

“This is a case that we’re taking very seriously. We are looking for any information that anyone has. We are concerned, there is content that appears to be somewhat suspicious,” said Lt. Howard Black with Colorado Springs Police.

Though with little developments or updates, Jackson says both she and the family are growing frustrated.

“It’s really frustrating for us, how much more for the family especially because they are far away,” she said.

The only thing they can do now is to wait and continue to put up missing flyers.

We spoke with Jepsy’s mom who says she’s working on getting an emergency visa to come to Colorado and look for her daughter.

Jackson plans to hold a vigil for Jepsy Friday, April 19th at 7:30 p.m. at 4290 Deerfield Hills Rd, Colorado Springs.


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