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UPDATE: Camper killed by stray bullet at Rainbow Falls identified as Monument man

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of a man who was killed by a stray bullet while camping at Rainbow Falls Park on Friday.

Glenn Martin, 60, was from Monument.

The Sheriff’s Office says they think the shot was “an errant bullet from an unknown person.” They don’t have the weapon but say they believe the shooting was unintentional.

Martin’s two daughters and his son-in-law spoke about the horrors that unfolded at the campsite on Friday. They withheld their last names for privacy. Carlie said her dad never took days off work but she encouraged him to take Friday off to join them on a camping trip.

The group had wrapped up dinner and was preparing to roasting marshmallows.

“He was sitting in his camping chair 3 feet from Chris (his son-in-law). And he just went down and said “ow” and Chris said, ‘Are you OK?’ And he said, ‘No.” And that was it. From there, it was done.”

The family heard gunfire earlier in the day near their campsite. They reported it to park rangers and the guns stopped. Carlie said she never heard a shot fired when the bullet struck. Her family didn’t know what was wrong with Martin.

“We didn’t know what was going on. What falls out of the sky? That doesn’t happen, no way. I just kept telling him this was not happening. This was not happening. We didn’t really know what was happening,” said Carlie.

She said the family raced down the mountain to try to get cellphone reception to call 911 but her father died within minutes.

“It was just total chaos and the children were right then and is not not how it’s supposed to happen,” said Carlie.

Carlie, her husband Chris and Martin’s other daughter Jenelle all described him as a wonderful father, grandfather and friend.

“I would always tell everyone my daddy walks on water. He was so perfect. He was up there with God. He would walk on water. He would tease me and look at me and would say he could only walk on water if it was frozen,” said Carlie.

“I lost my best friend. He was a good guy. I looked up to him for a lot. He was a good grandpa, a good dad, a good father-in-law. I couldn’t ask for anything better,” said Chris.

“He had the corniest jokes, even in the worst situations, he could find something to laugh about,” said Jenelle.

Sergeant Ron Hanavan said investigators do think this incident was likely an accident, but they cannot rule anything out yet. Hanavan could not say how many leads and tips have come in because it is an ongoing investigation.

The family asked for people to come forward with information so they could start to try to heal.

This has really been a shock to everyone in our family and anyone who lost a loved one must understand the hole and the need for some sort of answer and that’s all we can ask for,” said Jenelle.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public to help identify anyone who was in the area of Rainbow Falls Park who may have been shooting a high-powered rifle.

Tips can be called in to the sheriff’s office at 303-660-7579.

Rainbow Falls is located off of Highway 67 about 12 miles north of Woodland Park and is popular with campers and off road vehicle enthusiasts.


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