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Colorado Springs, El Paso County align on fire restrictions for first time as holiday approaches

Fire restrictions normally are slightly different in Colorado Springs and in unincorporated areas of El Paso County but that's not quite the case this year.

With continued dry weather and the upcoming Independence Day holiday weekend, both entities have the same restrictions in place.

As of Monday, restrictions are at the lowest levels; outdoor campfires or other open fires are not allowed; nor are the sale, purchase and use of fireworks unless they are part of an approved professional display.

Police officers and sheriff's deputies will enforce the fireworks ban and other fire restrictions, although authorities add that they can't be everywhere at once.

Outdoor barbecue grills can only be used if they are fueled by wood, pellets, charcoal or liquid fuel such as propane.

Contained fires, such as in a fire pit, are allowed; model rocket launching is allowed only with a permit.

Chainsaws and other small engine equipment must have a spark arrestor.

Smoking is not allowed in parks, along trails and in open spaces.

Trash burning is prohibited.

Authorities hope that having the same restrictions across jurisdictions will make it easier for people to become familiar with the restrictions and obey them.

However, there is one known exception to the aligned restrictions: The city of Fountain, which is following its own restrictions and has allowed several fireworks tents to set up.

Some people believe it's confusing, even unfair, to ban fireworks in every local community except one -- although in previous years, there was a greater mix of communities with different regulations.

"I don't think it's going to work much," said Denise Monteith. "I know there's people in Colorado Springs who will shoot them off anyway.  You drive around town, you hear them already.  I think if Fountain allows it, Colorado Springs should allow it, because we touch here."

John Castillo agrees with banning fireworks in most local communities.

"I know a lot of people are going to be hating it," he said.  "But, hey!  Just stay at home, be safe.  Don't pop the fireworks because it's really dry. And with the virus going around, why would anyone want to be out with lots of other people, anyway?"

The Colorado Springs Fire Department said it is experiencing an increase in fires so far this summer, many from cigarettes or open fires at homeless camps.

A fire at a small apartment unit on Fiesta Lane in northeast Colorado Springs two weeks ago was sparked by a cigarette, officials said.

If conditions don't improve, the next step for authorities is to ban all fires of any kind. Weather conditions will determine whether to raise or lower current restrictions.

For more information about fire restrictions in the Colorado Springs area, visit:, and

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



    1. I guess it precludes natural gas, which some people might hook up to their backyard grills. Except you won’t see much of that in parks and other open spaces…

  1. “A fire at a small apartment unit on Fiesta Lane in northeast Colorado Springs two weeks ago was sparked by a cigarette, officials said.”
    This looks like one of many occasions when a resident has smoked a cigarette outside, thought they put it out, and then gone inside, only to have the butt start a fire outside which quickly grows due to dry conditions. Planters are notorious for being used as ashtrays, except the contents are often bone dry and highly flammable in hot weather.

  2. for living FREE, you slaves sure accept alot of bans and restrictions from your masa. No going anywhere without a mask, all of you must close your businesses this year, no fireworks on INDEPENDENCE DAY…
    What we’re independent from who tf knows. Now go get ready to vote in your favorite pedophile president, creepy joe or grab em by the pssy trump

      1. And the Midway fire. Already had some idiot out here shooting off mortars last week which are illegal in the state. We have 15-30 MPH sustained winds almost every day and NO rain. Just because you have 35 acres doesn’t mean you get to put your neighbors and their property in danger.

      2. What does that have anything to do with the Black Forrest Fire? There is no connection. It was not caused by fireworks! So because there are fires we should ban all matches too? Wt?

  3. To me “As of Monday, restrictions are at the lowest levels” means there are few if any restrictions” OK editors, you actually mean restrictions are at the highest levels in recent memory. Does anyone actually edit these articles?

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