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Football in the fall is a good thing for Fountain Fort Carson high school

Fountain-Fort Carson football coach Jake Novotny is thankful that his team will get to play in the fall but not for the reasons you may think, "I'll tell you what my wife is the most excited. Our baby is due the first week of February or the first week we would have started football in February, so she's probably the most ecstatic Novotny," says the Fountain-Fort Carson head coach. The Trojans believe it's only right to play football in the fall, "February is not football season. The Super Bowl is already done. So it would have been a time where we are the only ones playing, it would have been just us playing and it would have been tough," says senior running back, Q Jones. "Just because this summer all the work we put in, the early morning lifts, getting up at five, six am, just to come out here and do what we're suppose to. It would have been hard just to lose that and then go into February playing off of summer workouts," senior safety, Tashon Smith.

This summer thirty seniors on the team lead the team in workouts because this is it for them, "I think it all boils down to the seniors and I tell them that every year. It's their team. It's my program and I order the bus but their the ones that play the game," says Novotny, "Now that I'm a senior, I don't have tomorrow. I'm just here to have fun with my guys," says Jones, "Six games we're all used to ten or more but we're just gonna make the best of it," says Smith.

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  1. Average program despite the athletes. Losing seasons so they petitioned to go down a level, despite 5A enrollment. Much like Coronado who couldn’t win at 4A, petitioned CHSAA, and won a State Championship at 3A, then went back up and got crushed the next year…didn’t win a game. If you can’t play with the big boys, cry to CHSAA. Crying to CHSAA works. Always has.

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