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With the high school football season being moved to the spring what does that mean when it comes to recruiting?

One minute, we're on the cusp of the high school football season, the next we're not. CHSAA's historic decision to move the football season to the spring doesn't come without its share of issues, "I don't envy being in their shoes. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes. They made a tough decision, but I think the decision they made, in the long run, benefits kids because at least they're going to have the opportunity to play," says Harrison athletic director, Al Melo. The decision by CHSAA comes with consequences, Pine Creek head football coach Todd Miller is expecting to lose at least three starters, who will try and go to a state where they are playing football in the fall, so they can try and earn a scholarship. That's a big part of what coaches are worried about and not every state is moving the football season to the fall. There's also a concern the move will hurt local players who are hoping for a scholarship, "National signing day is in February, and we are going to play football season in March. Those kids who do not have current offers may miss out on the opportunity to play at the next level, or it's going to be something that comes along late. It is a legitimate concern," says Melo.

"If it's my son, and it's his senior year, and we think he can play college football, and then that opportunity has been taken, what would I do? I'd send my son to somewhere where he can get film and a chance to play college football. If a kid isn't playing, and they've got a kid in another state who is, and they've got film on them, they have to make that adjustment or give that money based on the data that they have. The answer could be right across the border in Kansas. That doesn't mean they're going to get a scholarship. What it does mean is they have the opportunity," says Pine Creek football coach, Todd Miller.

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  1. You just watch CHSAA. Todd Miller and the Pine Creek football program will provide say now, “Our players are going to Kansas to play this fall” and then suddenly the same players will show up in the Spring at Pine Creek. No bona fide move. CHSAA may have to actually do something to Pine Creek other than slap their hands for recruiting players from other schools, like they’ve been proven to do. There is no integrity among this staff. And yes, they tried to recruit my son. Even offering transportation.

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