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USA Boxing patiently waits another year for the Summer Olympics and finds an alternative place to train

Inside Hotel Elegante' the top men's and women's boxers in the U.S. are putting in work, "I got to leave here cuz they treating me too good," says U.S. Olympic hopeful, Oshae Jones.

The reason why they are treated so good is because they are staying and training at the hotel and the temptations are endless, "Little different with the food, kind of harder cuz it's restaurant food, so it's not the proportions how we normally eat," says Jones. Matt Johnson, the high performance director of USA Boxing added, "Had to make a couple of changes. Couldn't put french fries with every item." Richard Torrez, an Olympic hopeful says, "Oh my gosh the restaurant, I love the restaurant. Don't get me wrong the cafeteria over there is really good too, it's super healthy though and sometimes you get over here, and have pancakes and oh I like it."

Like looking at a delicious stack of pancakes the boxers were hungry and ready to try and qualify for the Olympic team, "We we're about to go to Argentina and then corona," says Jones.

In a snap of a finger, the coronavirus knocked their Olympic dreams to the canvas, "It's putting the pause button right at the climax of the story so it's like, it's definitely a let down," says Torrez, "I was bummed out about it but then I tried to make it as positive as I can be and I'm thinking maybe God knew that i wasn't ready," says Jones. Johnson added, "This extension in time could actually create a good opportunity for them to get back up to speed and get some more experience before Tokyo comes."

Just because they have to wait another year it doesn't mean they're going to backpedal on their Olympic aspirations, "I want to get gold. I want to be the best in the world. I want to represent for my country. I think we deserve this," says Jones. "I wanted for about 21 years now so I can wait one more," says Torrez.

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