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RJ Dabovich’s family crucial to his journey to MLB draft

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- RJ Dabovich is a professional baseball player. it's one of those goals that's so big, some people can't believe it's possible, but RJ is proof that it is. The moment he heard his name called in the draft is one he's likely to remember forever.

"I hugged my parents," Dabovich said. "I cried a little bit. Just having that release and that stress off your shoulders knowing that hey I'm here and I'm one step closer to my dream of making a big leagues. To have that fulfilled, there was just a pure rush of emotions coming over me."

His stellar career to this point and getting drafted all has something to do with a rock. RJ's dad, Johnny, was waiting for RJ to pitch in his first game after injury during his senior season. Johnny was a nervous wreck.

"I looked out at the ground and there's this piece of rock," the elder Dabovich said. "It's probably concrete or something. I picked it up and just started rubbing on it his first outing back And I kept it ever since."

How seriously does Johnny take it? He once forgot the rock on a road trip, and had the rock shipped to him through overnight mail.

Johnny had the rock the night RJ was drafted. Maybe the rock does have special powers. Or maybe, just maybe, RJ has the power of his family and his community behind him; a power that knows no limits. RJ knows what the power means and he does not take it for granted.

""I want to be a role model towards kids. I want to be someone they can look up to..."

Danny Mata

Danny Mata is a sports anchor/reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Danny here.


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