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The Class of 2020 gets to cruise to the finish line at PPIR

It's been a strange year for seniors but that doesn't mean that the outgoing class of 2020 can't go out in style. The pikes Peak international Raceway hosted its cruise to the finish. Seniors were able to take their cars, rather up their engines, and let loose on a professional race track, "It was incredible! I love cars! Just being out there and being able to actually drive on the track was just amazing!," says Lexie Collard. Jacob Price of Liberty high school added, "We went a lot faster than I thought. It was really fun. It gave it a little bit of an adrenaline rush. It was really cool."
Adrienne Stejskal says it was a rush, "Oh yeah! We were falling to the side a little bit. It was crazy. You could feel all the bumps and all the little rocks. Yeah, it was different."
The coronavirus threw a wrench into the plans of many seniors, but this was a way that for them get out of the house and do something unique, "I think we've gotten a lot more opportunities then most graduates just because of the circumstances of it. I think it's really nice to be able to do this," says Stejskal. "It was amazing! I'm just really thankful to all the people who are trying to make up for our senior year," says Collard.

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