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The Air Academy boys lacrosse team doesn’t get to finish what they started

"We scrimmaged against Heritage, whole bunch of other teams down at the K-Dome. That was the first time we got to wear our new helmets, which was really cool, we got new helmets and uniforms this year," says Air Academy senior, William McGuire.

The Air Academy boys lacrosse team didn't get a chance to put on their new helmets and uniforms again because the coronavirus pandemic cancelled their season but two seniors William MacGuire and Saxton Smith have great perspective, "It kind of stung. I was hoping to be able to play this year and have a playoff run. God has a plan you have to have faith in that plan," says McGuire. Saxon Smith added, "Probably half of me was probably like I really wish I could have played those guys and half of me is like you know maybe we should move on. It's sucks but you can't really change it."

They're right you can't change it but they miss practicing under an idyllic sky, or playing in the snow and they also missed out on their spring break trip to Florida, "We'd also get to go to Universal Studios so we'd play lacrosse and go get to have fun at Universal Studios, that would have a lot of fun. Kind of would have been like a senior trip almost with the lacrosse boys," says MacGuire. "Little strange just because you kind of lose the culture and all the seniors I wanted to have our senior with, kind of lost that," says Smith.

They say they haven't lost the love for playing lacrosse even if he leads to mishaps in the house, "Playing wall ball in my house and I accidentally broke a light," laughed MacGuire. The lights may have been turned off on their season but it doesn't put a damper on their high school lacrosse experience, "I'll miss all the like playing with the guys," says Smith, "We'll all be able to talk years from now about you know we missed our senior season but we got those three full years that we were able to compete at the highest level of 4A lacrosse and we just have that bond that I think it unbreakable," says MacGuire.

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