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A student at the Colorado Springs School is the definition of a multi-sport athlete

"I don't think I have a favorite sport," says Colorado Springs School senior, Kate Griffin. Griffin doesn't have a favorite sport so that's why she plays so many of them. She runs cross country, plays basketball and in the spring she plays tennis for the Colorado Springs School and golf for Coronado and this spring she had planned on adding a third spring sport, soccer, "I was just like why not? It's my senior year," joked Griffin.

Yeah why not, after all, she won a regional championship and finished 6th in the 4A state golf tournament last year and she also won regional championships in tennis and finished 3rd in the 3A state tennis tournament as well, "I just know in my heart she would have been top three if not taken it this year," says Coronado golf coach, Kelly Hodge.

She may have a great serve in tennis but serving people is her true passion, "I was kind of looking at golf or serving and eventually just my passion to serve kind of outgrew golf," says Griffin.

That's why she turned down the opportunity to play golf at a smaller college and accepted a Air Force/ROTC scholarship at Colorado State, "She went back and forth on that for a couple of weeks and finally decided serving was important to her than playing golf," says Hodge, Griffin added "I love helping people and I love putting others before myself."

Perhaps her commitment and determination to serve was shaped in a small way through sports, "My competitive drive, nature, my need for structure and pushing myself beyond my limits, working hard and being on a team with other people has totally like gave me the morals that I think the military tries to instill in people. If there's something I can do for this country to serve then I want to do it," says Griffin.

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