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The Cheyenne Mountain girls tennis team won’t get a chance to defend their title

Sadly, there will be no congratulatory hugs for the Cheyenne Mountain girls tennis team this season, "Everyone got out of the cars and were yelling did you hear that CHSAA canceled the season,? says Cheyenne Mountain senior, Lianne Fahrney, Jensen Enterman adds, "It was really sad like when I came up to the courts, the courts were all locked." They weren't a lock to win another state title but they liked their chances, "My teammates are not only my teammates they are some of my good friends. That's what helped us win last year, we were all so close had we not been we probably wouldn't have won the state championship," says Cheyenne Mountain junior, Emma Delich, "The camaraderie was some of best part of playing tennis and I really loved the team this year, everyone was so nice. We were going to have a really good team," says Enterman. For Lianne Fahrney, perhaps it's more disappointing because this was going to be her first year on varsity, "Every time I played JV I was so close to making it on varsity so I'd always picture what it would be like once I got on there and when I got told that I was on there it was really exciting," says Fahrney. The state tennis tournament was supposed to begin today and Cheyenne Mountain was ready to compete for another state championship, "We had it marked on our calendar, so I'd get the little notification. I got it this morning, so I was a little sad, I'll be honest," says Delich, "I was really sad about it. I definitely wanted to go to state so when I saw that I was thinking about all the past memories from state," says Enterman,"It would have been fun to have a picture with the trophy and just have that framed in my dorm room and just remember that accomplishment because three years building up to this that would have been really nice," says Fahrney.

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