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A CSU-Pueblo golfer is spending self-isolation perfecting trick shots

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Creativity is one of the most important things in golf, according to CSU-Pueblo golfer Andrew Ni.

Andrew is getting creative during the stay at home order by doing trick shots in the backyard of his Scotland home and posting them to YouTube.

"I'm actually doing this not just for me but to entertain other people while they're also stuck in their house," said Ni. "Good to know that people are actually watching it's not just me wasting time."

He's making the most of his free time by challenging himself to hit flop shots over a bird house because frankly, his mother wouldn't help out.

"I was just finding things in my house to try and flop over," said Ni.

He's using different-sized buckets to hit golf balls to land in. He has also incorporated ladders and has reached great heights by hitting golf balls off of a roof and into a bucket.

Ni says when he returns to CSU-Pueblo he'll appreciate the time he has on the golf course.

"It's making me miss the competitive side of golf. I'm quite lucky, I've got quite a big back garden so I can make things fun, challenging as I feel like I need it. I love golf that's all I do."

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