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Pueblo School District 70 sees sharp jump in COVID cases, modifies contract tracing


PUEBLO COUNTY, (KRDO) -- According to data from Pueblo School District 70, the amount of positive COVID-19 cases in its schools has doubled in the last week. On January 7, D70 reported 157 positive cases for students and 33 for their staff.

Friday, D70 is reporting 400 positive cases for their students and 81 for their staff. Additionally, 13 of their 19 schools are considered in an outbreak status.

"We are starting to see absenteeism due to sickness," Pueblo Health Director, Randy Evetts, told KRDO last week.

D70 told KRDO this week that they have modified the contract tracing measures at their schools. They are now having to prioritize "high-risk exposures" at athletic events and other extracurricular activities.

"When a student is in a group setting or when they are in an athletic or after school activity where they are maybe experiencing or breathing harder, they are maybe not wearing their mask to the extent that we would like to see that, those kinds of things make those more high risk settings," Evetts said.

For D70, it's not just the high levels of student absences. They are reporting 81 staff are out with COVID-19 as well.

"It really does present some staffing shortages, especially right now with our health care professionals, our nurses are impacted the most this last week," Todd Seip, D70 Public Information Officer, said. "Our nurses can't keep up with the high number of positive cases being reported."

Pueblo County as a whole has experienced a sharp increase in case numbers as well. From December 26 to January 2, case numbers rose from 864 to 2,127 positive cases, according to data from PDPHE.

"What happens in our community also kind of mirrors what happens in our schools and so when we see positive cases go up in our community, we also see positive cases rise in our schools," Seip said. "We have seen almost an exponential growth of cases just in the last the last two weeks since we have been back from the holiday break."

In December, the District 70 Board wrote a letter to the Pueblo Board of Health asking for the removal of a mask mandate for their schools. The BOH decided against removing the mandate at their last meeting.

In a statement to KRDO, D70 Board President Anne Ochs said, "we have been in constant discussion about this and still believe in parent/student health choice," Ochs said.

The Board of Health is expected to discuss the mask mandate further at their next meeting on January 26th.

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Sean Rice

Sean is a reporter based out of Pueblo for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. Tell me…who will compensate the crisis caused by the PCR fraud. The public health crisis will p@ss but the economic and social “collateral damage” to humanity caused by the corrupt elite has been enhanced by the extreme measures caused by COVID-19 supported by fraudulent PCR. We are in m@ss unemployment, poverty, death and despair that emanates from the financial establishment, from philanthropy served from a mirage of virtues, which leads to the greatest evil.

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have used deliberate acts of deception, medical fraud, and data manipulation to artificially increase the appearance of “efficacy” for new mRNA vaccine experiments. The fraud came to light on May 1, 2021 because the CDC made radical new policy changes that fraudulently alter the definition of a “covid case” after vaccination.

    Throughout the covid-19 scandal, the CDC has used a spate of medical fraud to deprive people of their civil liberties and advance new human mRNA “vaccine” experiments. This medical fraud begins with unreliable PCR tests that are intentionally calibrated with a high cycle threshold (Ct value) that magnifies non-infectious viral RNA and provides a false positive diagnosis up to 97 percent of the time. Most of the Laboratories around the world used Ct values ​​greater than 28. The ideal cycle count is 17, so anything above this number could trigger a false positive.

    These tests are then fraudulently used as unique and nonspecific evidence to claim that a person has a specific disease called covid-19, even when the person has no symptoms of illness. The person is then isolated, detained with false evidence, and deprived of their civil liberties. A sum and continues that leads to diseases and deaths from vaccines.
    And, look closely at the timing: the US CDC “retired” the PCR tests as of the end of December 2021. This was due to a slew of lawsuits stating that last year, winter 2020 – spring 2021, media was reporting cases yet major testing labs could not find any covid, only reported finding influenza A and B in a large sample set. So the new PCR tests supposedly isolate flu from covid. AFTER initial tests were formally retired, the CDC could talk about them. So much is coming out of CDC hiding places, not a lot more credibility or space left for “errors”. Makes ya go hmmmmm!

  2. It is what it is: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a fast and inexpensive technique used to copy (amplify) small segments of DNA. Significant amounts of a sample of DNA are necessary for molecular and genetic @nalyses. DNA is nearly impossible to study without PCR amplification and that was the whole purpose of the PCR. An enzyme called helicase unwinds the DNA double-helix. Then, an enzyme called RNA primase adds a primer to the single-stranded DNA. Finally, an enzyme called DNA polymerase adds nucleotides that are complementary to the single-stranded DNA to create a new double-helix DNA molecule. Sars-Cov-2 is a single strand RNA, not DNA.

    So what the PCR test does is turn the single helical strand of Sars RNA into a Double Stranded DNA molecule (SCARY). It’s the DNA polymerase that has to match to the very specific RNA to create the new double strand DNA. FrIom there it amplifies it by making several copies. The PCR test is basically a copying machine for genetic material so it can be studied. It is NOT a diagnostic tool! Calling the “PCR test” a test is the real “SHAM”. Using it to diagnose disease is definitely a SHAM! The term “false positive” is as false as the test itself. How can you have a false positive test when it’s not even a test?? It is not a test, just like the mRNA jabs are not VACCINES!

    The PCR is simply looking for specific genetic material. This is why we have so many so-called REINFECTIONS! Many people have gotten sick from a cold or flu and tested positive for COVID-19. That didn’t mean their illness was caused by Sars-Cov-2. I convinced 3 people to get tested for FLU in 2020 that had a positive Covid-19 PCR test and all 3 tested positive for the flu. They treated their flu symptoms and got over it. How many people actually died from the flu because of a positive PCR test??? All the PCR test proves is that you came in contact with the virus and you have it or fragments of it in you. Most healthy people won’t even know they got infected.

  3. It has been fairly quiet here in Colorado and in America for a while. One must ask whether this is the quiet before the storm. Part of the reason is because people are tired of being “talked at” and “talked down to”. Patriots are no longer listening. As the saying goes, they are busy reloading and battening down the hatches. Coercion will ultimately backfire big time, but there will be a lot of suffering first. Let me remind you… “They tried to bury us, but they forgot we are seeds.” –Alexandra Boutopoulou

    Every day they try to push us further. Even those who once lined up to be jabbed now have buyer’s remorse. This is not going to end well for the elites. They will be brought to justice. It is not going to even take a majority of the population to rebel. A few people really can change the world. It only took 3% to form America. They forget, we are numerous and they are surrounded. It would be wonderful if 100% of the people stood up and refused to comply. I am a realist. I know this will never happen. I do know we have some very brave people in strategic positions who could, within their professions and networks, bring this mania to a screeching halt. It would not take all of them, just enough of them.

    I am encountering a mult itude of people driven by fear. Now, the numbers are shifting to those who are angry. When the status quo is no longer a safe and comfortable place to be, people are willing to risk change. There is a lesson here. There is no escape, no place to run to and no place to hide. When your back is against the wall, you only have one option left if you want to survive. You must fight like your life depends upon it, because it does. Our Creator in His wisdom, made us all wonderfully unique–which is another reason why we must retain our DNA and our humanity. We have each been given special talents and skills–all useful and none too humble. We are given these gifts to use–there is no other reason for us to have them. Be useful, be kind and be wise.

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