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Teacher’s union plans will-signing event in Colorado Springs to protest reopening

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — In a move that signals how concerned some teachers are about their lack of safety heading back to the classroom in a few weeks, the Pikes Peak Education Association has planned a will-signing event at Centennial Hall Monday.

The president of the local teacher’s union, Aubrey Huey, tells KRDO the event is partially to prove a point that many teachers don’t feel safe. Huey says there’s also a practical element. Some school staff realized it would be smart to have a will during the coronavirus pandemic and may not have had one already. 

The union is calling the event "Back to School: Witness Our Wills." It's planned from 9 a.m. to noon Monday, Aug. 3. People can have their wills witnessed and notarized.

The Pikes Peak Education Association says it’s been in contact with the El Paso County Public Health, asking for stricter school requirements instead of guidelines.

The deputy medical director for El Paso County Public Health, Dr. Leon Kelly, says one-size-fits-all requirements are not practical with school districts in the region ranging from large and urban to small, rural, and largely unaffected by COVID-19. 

Dr. Kelly adds that he’s been working with schools since they closed in the spring to come up with comprehensive reopening plans. He says to alleviate concerns about how teachers and students can get tested quickly, a new public COVID-19 testing site will provide free 24-hour results to about 1,000 people per day.

For schools, it could mean quicker turnaround to make decisions about how to handle an outbreak.

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Lauren Barnas

Lauren is an anchor and MMJ for KRDO and 13 Investigates. Learn more about Lauren here.



  1. Why do Republicans want schools open so bad? For decades they complained that the state was teaching their kids radical ideas like science… Or how to read a book… And they were furious with these union lacky teachers for wanting pay… Then they got mad when we taught their kids about condoms…. You’d figure schools slamming their doors shut would be a great gift to them. Now they can restrict any free thinking and pass on the family retardation torch (or KKK tiki torch) in pride. Ohhh wait… It was their socialized daycare program and now they want it back.

    1. When schools shut down, domestic violence, child abuse, teen suicide,skyrocketing. I guess those incident are ok.

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  2. Nothing but lies. There is no plan. You can’t social distance if you don’t reduce the population of the building. In about 2 weeks we will open the floodgates to allow covid-19 to spread like wildfire. Why do you think the Health Department is asking businesses to reduce occupation size?

    how teachers and students can get tested quickly, a new COVID-19 testing site will provide 24-hour results so schools can make timely decisions. This is the biggest lie of all. The Governor himself told us just a few days ago that the turn around time is now from 10 to 12 days. That is almost 2 weeks of in person school where nobody knows if you have an outbreak or not. Everyone needs to see through these lies. All they are trying to do is hope to keep the lid on this until after the elections. This is all about politics and not about public health. That is the very thing Fauci was telling everyone in the hearings today. Our response is not based on good science but bad politics.

  3. Many teachers do want to go back, but they’ll be strong armed by the Union. Get kids back in school!!!

  4. 10000 Colorado deaths annual from heart disease and diabetes, but I don’t see the teachers refusing to return to class until the teachers lounge vending and pop machines are removed!

    1. You can’t spread diabetes and heart disease to others just by sitting in a room with them, you STUPID RETARD

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    2. This is serious. It is people like you all over the country that has resulted in the mishandling of this from day one. You can’t compare an infectious disease to other types of death rates. I guess you are a prime example of the public education system. It has many problems and needs overhauling but it this case we are talking not about education but Public Health and Safety.

      I don’t care about the teachers specifically here. We are limiting gathering sizes in order to reduce the spread and we will throw all that away in a few weeks when we open the doors to hundreds of gathering sites all over the state with 100’s if not over a 1000 attending not a gathering lasting a few hours but gatherings that last for 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. If you did learn something in school then do that math on how fast that will cause it to spread. What these districts are telling you are lies. I have been saying all along only one district has an sort of plan that might work. You have to reduce the gathering to achieve social distancing. No matter how you arrange sardines in a can you can’t make more room unless you make the can bigger or put in fewer sardines.

  5. Don’t all these teachers shop in grocery stores? Get mail and deliveries? Buy gasoline? Go to a medical office if they need to? Expect the fire and police to show up if there’s a problem? There are a lot — a lot — of people out there working in the field who put themselves at risk every day. I’m not sure why teachers think they are more at risk than anyone else.

        1. What exactly are your education qualifications, dim wit? I have enrolled my child in a perfectly good online program until its safe to send her back. I’m not poor nor am I working to facilitate some corporation out of their office. Sucks for you, I guess 🙂

          1. My kids are in tesla E.O.S. in D-11 its hybrid online or in person learning PARENTS CHOICE!!!!!!! SO reopen the schools we can do online till we figure out whats going on.

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  6. You don’t teach then you don’t get paid. You riding this free money for nothing to long. Give the parents the money to make a school choice. Why should they get paid to stay home? Make ends meet on unemployment like the rest did. Oops, that $600 extra a week ran out…TODAY!!!!

    1. Another idiot. They are working. It is harder to teach online than to do it in person. Those kids you will send off to the virus factory are coming home at the tend of the day. What are you going to do? Run then through a CDC approved decon station? I doubt it seeing you can’t even make sure they dress properly for the weather as they head out to school. The Districts are going to trust people like you to self symptom check those kids before they get to school. That is going to work real well.

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  7. All of these teachers signing a petition to lose their jobs. Brilliant!! It will only take half of the staff to teach children online. A smart teacher, in this circumstance, would distance themselves far from the union.

  8. I would like all of the conservative educational experts to go sign up to be substitute teachers. Districts had a shortage prior to CoVID, and now it’s worse. We need experts like Smarterthanyou and TORIGAN in our schools! Preach your Gospel of bias and lies! (BTW TORIGON, TESLA is a school for D11 to provide an education for expelled and attendance lacking students. Even in expulsion, a district is required to provide an educational opportunity. What did your kid do to earn placement?)

    1. you need to read Tesla’s home page, or the about us page and get your facts on what they do, and the students that attend……

  9. Even our worthless governor is advocating to open schools back up. The free ride is over, get back to work like everyone else is expected to do. Don’t say our kids will be at risk, as everyone is at risk and basically life must go on. Our kids are currently at more of a risk since they are outside in non controlled environments with large groups of others kids. Guess what, no significant increase in virus rates let alone death rates. Grow up people.

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          1. And go ahead and call me all the names in the book. I don’t care, sniveling children do that when they throw a tantrum. Grown adults do it when they’re confused or scared. Rolling my damned eyes at this topic.

  10. No one more selfish, narcissistic or childish than the teachers union. They love themselves more than any child alive or aborted.

  11. Dear conservatives: please send your kids to anywhere with large groups. Please gather. Fewer of you is a better world every day.

    1. keep up the liberal mass protests! Unless you know, young adults don’t spread the virus when they mass together? Which one is it?

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