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Colorado Springs hospitals discuss admitting out-of-state patients


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) —  As COVID-19 becomes more prevalent in El Paso County, Colorado Springs City Council on Monday asked the leaders of local hospitals how they’re faring with personal protective equipment, capacity levels, intensive care units, and if they’re taking in patients from out-of-state.

Though COVID-19 cases have been increasing for about a month in El Paso County, the consensus is that hospitals still have enough resources to handle the demand.

Dr. Bill Plauth and Dr. David Steinbruner serve as the chief medical officer for Penrose-St. Francis Health Services and interim chief medical officer for UCHealth, respectively.

One of the questions the city council asked the leaders is whether or not Colorado Springs hospitals are taking in patients from hotspot states like Arizona and Texas. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has previously said in a press conference that the state would consider it.

“We are seeing some of those demands. Obviously a state that has a high incidence and is starting to inundate its hospitals is going to reach out for help,” Dr. Steinbruner said. “We’re starting to see that on the edges. We want to help, but we want to protect our own ability in our community to take care of our community.”

Cary Vogrin, the media relations specialist at UCHealth, put Dr. Steinbruner’s statement into context.

“To date, UCHealth Memorial has admitted one patient with COVID-19 from out of state,” Vogrin said. “As of this afternoon, UCHealth’s hospitals in the Pikes Peak region were caring for about 30 patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19 or who are awaiting test results.”

Vogrin says although that number is higher than prior months, it’s about half the number of coronavirus patients compared to what UCHealth cared for during the peak of coronavirus in Colorado in April.

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Lauren Barnas



  1. OH no, coronavirus in CO out of control…… must wear masks, close the bars, no liquor sales after 10:00. Oh wait, actually our hospitals are so empty we want to take some out of state patients!!!!! WTF is going on, there is some Serious BS here!

  2. This would not be happening if we had all died from Y2K in 2000 or Anthrax in 2001 or West Nile virus in 2002 or SARS in 2003 or the Bird flu in 2005 or Swine flu in 2009 or Ebola in 2014 or Zika in 2016 and we did not wear masks for anyone of these.

  3. Seriously??? we get it kinda under control so now we bring more of the infected in????? Who’s Daft Idea was this???

    1. If you think it’s ever been “out of hand’ you are a chump. Local hospitals have not had more than a handful of covid patients in months and even at its peak it was around 20. I’m sure many assume these hospitals have had 100 or more covid patients at a time . Not even close The data at the covid tracking project states this and my friends who work at hospitals confirm this

  4. at the least Tevas and Flor-i-duh are right to work states who do not have any state taxes, therefore they do not have the cash reserves to handle the monster THET created. Send FEMA to make a bunch of field camps for those states who are out of beds. Force the id10ts that could not stay at home.OR numbnuts for governors that couldn’t bother to shut bars and restaurants, shut their beaches, wear masks.

  5. As testing increases so does the number of cases. But what does stay the same or decreases is the number of patients hospitalized for the virus. There has not been any time where local hospitals felt they were being over run or resources were running out.
    Now we are asking smart questions. Do we have out of state patients? Ohh my we actually do. So the number of patients in local hospitals does not really reflect the local people who need hospital care.
    So the actual number of people in El Paso county who needed to be hospitalized for Corona is actually less because we have out of state people who are being treated here.

    So we go on lock down because we import patients and the hospital numbers seem high but really we are doing just fine…….

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