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ReOpen Colorado rally to end statewide COVID health orders planned for Sunday

What began as a Facebook group of concerned citizens has grown to more than 8,300 members in three days and a planned Sunday demonstration to oppose statewide health orders intended to control the spread of the coronavirus.

The movement of business owners, citizens and activists will hold a Rally to ReOpen Colorado, starting at 1 p.m. Sunday outside the state capitol in Denver.

On Thursday, KRDO NewsChannel 13 spoke with a member of the group, Steven Peck, a Navy veteran, husband and father of three who lives in Highlands Ranch.

Peck said the current statewide social distancing and stay-at-home orders designed to safeguard public health during the virus pandemic, produced unacceptable trade-offs that should be re-considered by state and local officials now.

"It's disproportionate to the statistical risk," he said. "It's absolutely killing jobs and it's not a sustainable long-term policy. It's producing high unemployment, budget concerns and struggling businesses."

Peck makes four suggestions: that health orders should more specifically target people in the highest-risk groups; that everyone should regularly wear breathing masks; that people should have their temperatures taken before entering public buildings; and that efforts increase to develop antibodies to threat the virus.

"Clearly, there are constitutional, legal and logistical considerations," he said. "Not everybody's going to be comfortable with having their temperature taken outside every schoolhouse or airport. Speaking for myself, I would take that trade-off before I sat at home for another three weeks."

Peck said he wants officials to rely more on common sense -- and less on fear and the unknown -- when deciding how much longer social distancing and stay-at-home orders should continue.

"We need a robust discussion and I want to have that conversation," he said. "People need security and confidence, and we're not there yet. Politicians will move when public opinion moves."

Peck said he hopes the rally will send that message to Gov. Jared Polis and other state and local leaders.

"I don't know how many people will show up," he said. "There are different groups attending who might have different perspectives and disagree with what I'm saying. But I think we'll all come together. There's a limit to what people will tolerate. The current plan isn't going to last forever. Public patience will get exhausted."

Peck said he's not proposing a date for his recommendations to be adopted, but that sooner is better for the state and the nation -- especially when trying to prepare for society's "new normal" routine in the aftermath of the virus.

"We might have to bring some of our manufacturing in other countries back here, so that we're not overly dependent on them for masks or other things," he said. "Maybe we have fewer meetings that bring people together. How does that affect airline travel, hotels and demand for oil? That's a good question."

Peck said he's asking for anyone who attends the rally to remain in their vehicles. At rallies in three other states this week, some attendees did that, but others protested by gathering in large groups, in close contact, and without wearing masks.

"I'm hoping (and ) asking people (to) remain in their cars," he said. "But it's safe to say (that) some won't. I expect to see some wearing masks and practicing social distancing. (I) imagine others will not. I won't be wearing a mask but respect those who do."

Among those planning to attend the rally is Andrew Thompson, of Colorado Springs.

"I think the universal understanding is to go en masse and show there's a lot of us, and that this is what we believe," he said. "Hear us.  You work for us. I realize that they may think they're following what is best for society.  There's a lot of us who disagree with how this is currently being done."

Some critics believe the rally is a political attack on Democrats, given that most of the states recently hosting similar rallies have Democratic governors.

Peck said Colorado's rally is a bipartisan event.

"I expect to see people from all sides of the political spectrum," he said. "This (rally) is about trusting Coloradans and their good judgment."

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.




    1. OK, well…the choices, go hungry homeless, or…take a chance. I DO NOT respect people that use fear to get their way, do your home home work. The regular flu types have killed more.

      1. 1 – There is a vaccine for Influenza. There is not a vaccine for Coronavirus
        2 – Influenza kills anywhere from 30k to 60k Americans each season. If the country had gone about it’s business, we’d be able to expect Coronavirus to have killed between 2-4 million Americans.

        If you’re ok with that then you’re a POS. There’s every chance you or someone you deeply love would have been part of that 2-4 million crowd.

        1. First stop pulling numbers from your arse, second, since the king is always told hey look at Sweden, i.e. health care, gun control, etc, and they never locked down and they have the same number of cases per capital as USA, third, get the heck out of your bunker and get some fresh air

          1. Oh God. OK.

            One of the difficulties is that our society is chunk full of people like you.

            We’re F’d.

          2. Sweden’s death rate is higher than its neighbors due to its herd immunity policy. They are currently drafting new, stricter legislation in response to their death rate being higher than their neighbors with stricter coronavirus measures.

        2. Kinda have a problem with the numbers. Its not adding up, unless you have a agenda. I have ran into people here locally that have said they were put on the 19 list, but tested negative. If your ok with being lied to and you believe it, then i guess this conversation is awash.

          1. And science is at best a theory, the whole Immunization thing is always behind.
            Was it 2015-2016
            year that we lost a-lot of people due to the “flu” and yet the nation didnt close down for that, and it took 6 months for it to even be recognized and yet here we are.
            Im in agreement, the less people die the better.

        3. You’re an idiot. Look at the real studies and research. More people die in car accidents each year and yet we don’t ban them. The vaccine for the flu thus year is 45% effective, and that is a quote from the CDC.
          I’ll let my immune system handle this just as it was designed to do. You wear your mask, hinder your immune system, and see where you are the next time we deal with a bug.

    2. Suicide is killing people all across the country.
      Cancer is killing people all across the country.
      Heart disease is killing people all across the country.
      Medical malpractice is killing people all across the country.
      People die every day, by the thousands. And yet, we don’t shut down the country and violate everyone’s civil rights for any of those. Go crawl into your bunker and don’t come out until we tell you it is safe.

      1. Suicide, cancer and heart disease doesn’t spread from person to person with an R0 of 7 and overwhelm hospitals. The lockdown has nothing to do with saving lives. It’s all about not overwhelming hospitals. Saving lives just happens to be a by-product of not overwhelming hospitals.

        1. ^this.

          But hey, these protesters know more than state health officials and epidemiologists, right?

          1. Yes we do. Common sense isn’t found in our politicians, and you obviously haven’t heard a real immunologist speak on how our immune systems are being damaged by the fear of this bug. Get educated you myopic idiot.

          2. Matt- A real immunologist like Dr. Fauci? He received his MD from Cornell and is cited as one of the worlds leading immunologists. He has been the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease since 1984.He advocates for this lockdown. Cite the immunologist that you heard that say the lockdown is damaging our immune systems and please include their credentials.

    3. Not really. It’s more like a group full of low information people.


      This will be a great case study on what not to do.

  2. I wonder if all of these people are going to show up in masks, or not. Maybe they’ll all stand close to each other and sneeze and cough.
    That sounds interesting!

  3. This is a ticking time bomb. Either open up and maybe have more die or do not open and set a record on homeless.

  4. Well this sounds like a self cleaning oven situation.

    and people this is why you keep six months of expenses in cash in your savings account. Live below your means and don’t try to impress people with what you have. Pay cash and if you don’t have the money do without.

    1. In a way your right friend, but the cash you speak of is cash that the Federal reserve will charge your kids and grandkids with the pleaser of a banking cartel..
      But other then that, the king definitely agrees, a man with a high esteem will not seek environmental things to seek approval, etc. Plus you can’t be more Greener then buying second hand

  5. Shulzie, you are on notice: get it back open PDQ or be replaced BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    The clock is running skidmark, get ‘er done!

    1. Sounds like what happens in other countries, like China, Russia, Argentina …… what a good commie you are! With freedom comes costs and consequences. You want to live in a Nanny state- go move to one!

    2. Sounds great…that Andrew guy looks like he has been huffing tear gas. He can’t wait to get back to his job at taco bell.

  6. Just let the virus take care of them then they’ll be out of the way. Nature has always had her way of taking care of these type of problems.

  7. LMAO it’s times like these when you see the morons come out to play. Let them go out, if anyone gets the virus then have Steve Peck pay for it. If someone dies he should be charged with their death. He must not get enough attention at home from his wife. Now sit back and watch them get sick.

  8. These must be the same people who belong to “The Flat Earth Society”, science goes against everything they believe.

  9. I think this rally is an excellent idea. for all Trump voters.
    Please attend, wear no masks (because, Freedom) and MAGA.

  10. WOW,Darwin Award Contestants are at a record High this year as the State of Colorado will be sending 8,300 members to the competition… When Colorado’s numbers suddenly soar, then they will be the ones to complain that the State didn’t do enough to safeguard them…

    India Delta 10 Tango’s.

    1. EXACTLY!! They will ALL be the first ones crying that the state didn’t do more to protect them! Unfortunately there is NO cure for STUPID!!!

      1. And the reality is that when all those people who don’t care enough to help protect others get sick they will be taking away respirators from those of us who are doing our part to help protect them!! AND they will undo ALL of the work that we have ALL suffered for the last month…that is so selfish and is ONLY going to PROLONG this entire struggle….So THANK YOU….

        1. The king Who usually has all the answers, adds, it’s the low percentage of carriers who spread, are the ones who should be isolated, and dies off, awhile the rest of population is normal, testing is key , ( a heads up from the ccp early back in November, would of definitely helped out in producing test and had four month head start) that’s almost as affective as wearing a rubber. Look the king understand that some humans tend to reject freedom for the warmth of a government blanket,

        2. No they won’t. Unlike you they will take responsibility for their actions. You get losers like Chris Cuomo that is sick with the virus that leaves quarantine and is confronted by someone about it, and losers like you defend him. You understand how stress can weaken an immune system? It makes perfect sense to put 19million out of work. Numbers from this virus aren’t even close to 2017 flu deaths. Why didn’t you quit your job and stay home then?

  11. I don’t totally agree but also I don’t totally disagree. I have seen the harm done to families and individuals with the lock down. I have also watched people in my industry catch the Corona and die in 48 hrs….but they were at risk.
    There should be a middle ground that can be reached. I am an essential worker. Before the Corona and now I work close with so many other nasty bugs/things that can kill you quicker and or harm you more. You take the precautions and follow the rules and I have yet to get sick. But then again there are people who are not as smart to put two and two together.

    1. Don’t you find it more telling when they push social distancing rather then physical distancing

  12. No surprise. The very same people who call anything they disagree with a hoax and hate being told what to do. Im an advocate for putting people back to work but I’d hate to be associated with these types.

  13. OK, So Mikey, Squidsubs, King of Kings, and The Doctor, are all making sense. They are thinking rather than parroting. It’s so easy to pick something out from the headlines, or from the mainstream media. Remember, yes I appreciate the service, and we wouldn’t be a democracy without them, but remember the media outlets make their money by instilling fear. This keeps us coming back for more. Don’t fall for it. Think!
    A few facts we do know is that we aren’t getting good information from any of the sources on the numbers. We know – and you can find this in many sources now since the reports first surfaced a week or more ago – that the hospitals have been instructed by the government to tag their deceased with Covid19 as the cause of death, without being tested, only if they show symptoms. And we know that most of the people who die from this already have symptoms, some or many from other health issues they were already dealing with. We also know that a very large number of folks have been exposed, and have had it so mildly they didn’t notice, or the virus simply passed through them because of a strong immune system.

    From these only couple of facts, we know what we don’t know –
    we don’t know the actual percentage of people who have had the virus and have died from the virus and not something else they already had.
    We don’t know the total number of people who have had the virus with little to no worries.

    The above numbers kind of matter.
    Especially when considering the trade-off of this unsustainable and far more devastating shuttering of an entire population of consumers who are then prevented from producing anything… how long does anyone think we can we consume without producing??
    I am an old experienced self-made business woman and single mother. And also a humble and self actualized walking rain forest of microbes. I accept that I am part of nature, and I am not here to conquer nature. I have been through a couple major economic downturns in my life. What will happen if we continue in this path, and it already will to some extent, is that people are going to go broke. This translates into foreclosures, bankruptcies, homelessness, depression, suicide, stress induced disease of all kinds, loss of dreams and that matters, dreams of higher education, of becoming debt free, of purchasing a first home, of graduating, retiring, being able to get off public assistance,,, these things matter folks, and everyone has taken a hit on these so very important facets of our lives. There is a trade-off with this “sheltering in place” concept that is unacceptable on a practical basis, and absolutely averse to our Democratic beliefs.

    Take all the energy and – how much? – 3 trillion dollars? – draining into paying people for not working and put it into beefing up the hospitals and health care system as needed, and into sheltering those who are most at risk of dying, and making tests available so that the rest of us can #1 get tested to know if we have immunity, then that group can go on about their business, and #2 testing those in the group of exposed when a new case arises… Give grownup, responsible, hard working people their rights back, every body stop gnawing at each other’s throats about who’s the better citizen, or who’s protecting who… let go of the fear, look for truth, demand accurate numbers and testing. Use some common sense. We know now what to do to protect ourselves… Just – think!

  14. I should add to my thesis that I am not a Trump voter. I am not a member of either club. I’m an independent. The other thing to add that no one is talking about is that this is a natural occurrence. Our herd is not healthy. Unhealthy herds attract disease. Everybody needs to realize they’d be alot better off if they’d spend half the time they spend on technology learning about how to keep their own bodies, minds and spirits healthy. Welcome and accept the hard truths. It’s not simply about eating less and exercising more. It’s about learning about nutrition, what clean high quality food sources actually are, understanding toxicity and inflammation, and taking action. Grow a garden, turn off the TV, get out and breathe deeply. Appreciate and nurture every organ in your body, including your brain. Our real pandemic in this country, and pretty much world wide now is obesity and diabetes, caused from all the above. You think perfectly healthy herds of any beasts suddenly all get sick and die? No, this happens in the sick herds. Take responsibility.

  15. Sorry I can’t shut up tonight. So – vaccines. Not the answer. They take too long, and by the time the scientists come up with one for the flu or flu-like viruses it’s too late to be effective. You’re more likely to get the flu from the flu vaccine than to be spared from it. Same for a virus. The reason is that they mutate. As part of nature, they have a purpose. Their purpose is to cull out herds. They mutate so that they can continue with some effectiveness, because in nature a healthy being has a healthy immune system which learns. Once it has learned to fend off a particular virus, and a healthy immune system will do this for you – it’s really quite miraculous, but it requires your participation – the virus can’t do it’s job. The thing to focus on is get yourself healthy. I mean really healthy, Be a stronger smarter you. Don’t wait for the government to solve your problems.

    1. You are correct in stating that people cannot think anymore. Starting with people who think they can get the flu from the flu vaccine-That is not possible the virus is inactivated so it cannot possibly infect you with the flu. If you are getting a live vaccine then the virus is attenuated so it also cannot cause the flu. It is analogous to a car with an engine, it won’t run even though it is a car.

  16. if you are “willing to take the risk” & have dinner at your local restaurant, you are an evil person looking to kill others & must be stopped. But if you want to meet up for internet sex with a stranger, that is O.K

  17. This is great. Don’t wear mask. I want to see how many catch it. This is the best way to clean out the idiots. I guess that Steven Peck has to make a name for himself somewhere…and by helping to spread the virus is the only way he knows how. Sit back, make popcorn and watch the fools.

  18. I couldn’t disagree with this group more. I’m so grateful for the way Colorado has handled this so far and businesses closing. Not because I’m too lazy to work, but because no job is worth my life or the life of my clients. I am 100% for keeping closed down until it is much safer to go back. It seems to me that it is predominantly business owners that are eager to jump back and risk the lives of their employees and clientele. No thank you. Please ignore the ignorant and keep us safe. You won’t have to deal with the ignorant long as natural selection from these gatherings may soon take place.

  19. Put your MAGA hats on, wave your flags, and breathe deeply at the rally my friends. Lick each other. Spit in your hands then rub the face next to you. Ignore science, research, and doctor’s advice. We have the greatest physician of all time in the White House.
    Grab her in the Pussy-2020

  20. I am dismayed at the attitude of those who care nothing for all citizens.This selfish thinking is why people are dying. (Some are not cautious as well.) This is a deadly virus, easily spread.
    There are many who dont even know they carry it. If we treat this lightly it could become even worse than now. You obviously have your own interests at heart. You dont care about anyone but you. This thinking is going to be the death of us whether its COVID-19 or something else. Its a selfish society and World.Its bc of these limitations the numbers arent sky high.why are you so angry when those who have the knowledge are trying to protect us? How would it ever benefit the powers that be to have these restrictions? Your thinking is skewed crude and ignorant. You are harming us. So thanks alot.
    BTW…kingofkings. How dare you call yourself that. Using the name of the awesome King of Kings is blasphemy!
    No wonder you think the way you do. You take the a–es masses with you.

  21. Sez the virus to mobs of people who are bored: “Frankly my dears, I don’t give a toot what you think or feel, I’ll get you and your little pet too”

  22. oh lord here we go a bunch or morons protesting the reopening of Colorado. if you just WAIT a few more days the Governor will more than likely start opening .but know you have to whine .I go to the store and put my mask on and all the employees have mask and most the men do but guess what the women feel like they do not have to follow along go figure

  23. Now sit back and watch. So does insurance still have to pay when you are stupid and act like this. Wonder how many will get sick. At least it will thin the herd.

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