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Truck driver says he quit job because of ‘betrayal’ from employer regarding COVID-19 virus

Adam Hale presently has a lot to deal with; supporting a girlfriend who's unemployed because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, a belief that he may have contracted the virus and an upcoming move to Texas.

As if that wasn't enough, he recently quit his job as a truck driver after only three months on the job.

"I felt that I was betrayed," he explained, after approaching a KRDO NewsChannel 13 crew to discuss the situation.

Hale said he began experiencing symptoms of the virus last month, while transporting passengers on his second job as an Uber driver.

"I was in a dilemma," he said. "Should I tell (my trucking company) about it, or shouldn't I? I finally decided to tell them because they have a sick leave policy that pays employees to stay home when they have symptoms. Between the advice of my managers and my doctor, I stayed home for 8 days."

Hale said high demand for testing made him unable to receive a test but he recovered from his symptoms in a few days.

"My doctor cleared me to return to work," he said. "That's when I was shocked."

Company management, Hale said, decided he didn't qualify for sick leave pay in this instance because he was never tested.

"I turned in my notice and told them I was quitting," he said. "They understood. I felt that I didn't want to work for a company that wouldn't stand by me for trying to do the right thing."

Hale said he decided to speak out because his co-workers -- and countless other employees -- are in the same situation.

"They have concerns about being at risk, but they don't say anything because they don't want to lose their jobs," he said. "The result is people are going to hide their symptoms and spread the virus. It shouldn't be like this. It shouldn't all be about money."

Hale confessed that he wouldn't have spoken out on the situation if he hadn't quit his job first.

"People need to be careful and aware of what's going on," he said.

Hale's last day at the trucking company is Thursday; he'll then move to Texas for a similar job.

"Truck drivers are in strong demand down there," he said. "I'm hoping that what happened here doesn't happen there."

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



    1. Truck drivers deliver toilet paper/food/supplies to the stores. Cars to the dealerships. Construction goods to job sites. So you ignorant dumb prick… You made your remark because a truck driver delivered that computer you are being a child on.. making it possible for you to purchase it. Even online purchases.. a truck still brings it.

      You sir,. Are a reject of some sort. You deserve to be embargo’d by truckers. Go starve.

  1. So here is another side of things. There are many who are choosing to stay home and say they have symptoms, but they don’t, and demand the two weeks paid leave the govt put into law. They take a two week vacation at the expense of the company.
    Many companies require a probationary period before you get benefits such as paid sick leave. So three months on the job could be in that period and thus does not qualify for those benefits. Many are 90 days. So if he was at 85 days and not eligible for that benefit…. then I totally see the companies side. They don’t just have a ton of money sitting around to pay everyone sick leave for a cold. This would be the case regardless of COVID-19.
    So he quits and goes and whines to the media. Now he gets to go to Texas and start his probationary period all over again. Sounds like he was going to leave for Texas regardless of anything else. So this is not news, this is a guy who likes to whine and complain to try to get money and attention he does not deserve.

      1. JB Hunts website states that, “benefits are available on day 91 for a full time employee”.

        So again if he is there less than 90 days he is not eligible for benefits. So why should he feel “Betrayed” for not getting benefits that he was not eligible for? Wahhhh

        1. The article states “Company management, Hale said, decided he didn’t qualify for sick leave pay in this instance because he was never tested.” Maybe you missed that, Doc.

          1. The law is if an employee tests positive for COVID you have to give them 2 weeks paid sick leave. Since he was not tested and does not have COVID by presumption then the law does not apply. He proved that by getting a note from the doctor that it was Not COVID so he could return to work.
            So the employer is correct that he does not qualify for the benefit due to his length of employment or by the new COVID sick leave law. Plain and simple.

        2. You really need to read the article and try to comprehend it, not just drop a load of what you imagine , Doc.

          He could not get tested due to the high demand for testing then was told he was not eligible for sick pay because he was not tested. Length of employment had nothing to do with it.


          That should help you unless you are hopelessly dense.

          1. The reason he wasn’t tested doesn’t matter. The fact is that he didn’t meet the requirements of the company in two separate ways to get reimbursed. He didn’t get tested AND he hadn’t been there long enough anyway.

          2. “Between the advice of my managers and my doctor, I stayed home for 8 days.”
            “My doctor cleared me to return to work,”
            So if it was even a remote chance that he could of had COVID his doctor would not of cleared him to return to work and told him to isolate/quarantine for 14 days. So it was obviously not COVID or close. Then to have his doctor clear him he had to provide a note to the company stating it was not COVID and he could return to work.
            I do read. Do you?

        3. If he was not tested then that doctor must be a quack to return a worker back to work who may have the virus and could be spreading, the manager was incompetent to allow him back untested…….and you call yourself “the doctor.

          1. So if he had symptoms of just a sinus infection he can be cleared to go back to work. No fever, no lower respiratory symptoms or GI(diarrhea)then it is very easy to determine that he has a low/no potential of a COVID infection. You can get that information from the CDC web site or just paying attention to the public health advisories. With my medical knowledge I just understand it a whole lot more than you.
            No matter what you are arguing a losing point.

        4. You are no doctor you are a load. Your integrity is gone, you will make up stuff to prove a point no matter how wrong you know you are.

          KRDO bring back DISQUS so I can block knuckleheads like “The Doctor”….

        5. Ur a doctor ha, and dont realize not everyone has the same symptoms. Common symptoms are very different than everyone has these symptoms to be considered infected with this virus.

          Test in high dmeand meant, unless you just cane back from overseas, contact with confirmed covid case, or are about to die from suspected covid symptoms, you were not getting a test.

          He went by an idiotic doctors recommendation to return to work (prob something u would do if u were a doc), assuming said idiot knew what he was talking about.

          It can absolutely be argued that such a new (novel) virus their isnt any doctor who can say anyone has this without said test. So any advice from any doctor without a test is no diff than you an i guessing who has coronavirus walking down the street.

          Hes healthy and recovered quickly if he did have it. Hopefully, infected his boss shile communicating his resignation for such a worthless shit company.

          I for one agree, if trump said you need to take off you will get paid, pay the fn man. You cant prive he didnt have it, all that can be proved is he was forced to come back to work early for a greedy company who prob sent him to a shitty worthless urgent care they have paid off to get people back to work as soon as possible.

          F that company. I hope he is one of the best drivers they will never get back. These companies cannot play like this now. The drivers have the upper hand right now, esp if they all get together. Could be the greatest union in the country. I for one would be happy to spend more knowing they get treated like they should. Im in a union and without, scumbag management would walk all over us with zero repercussions in a shit commonwealth state they can fire anyone for any reason. Not us thats for sure.

  2. He could of been terminated anyway. Driving for Uber outside of his truck driving job. Truck drivers only have so many hours in the week to drive and when driving for Uber that is counted against his DOT hours of service. If he would of gotten into an accident with the company and had not been reporting the hours he was driving for Uber, he would of been in violation if he was over his 70 hours of driving for the week.

    1. Valid point. Many people don’t even consider things like the interaction of two jobs as being a possible disqualification, or even possibly illegal in this case…

    2. Not in his personel vehichle. IE car. Your assuming its commercial. You dont have to run a log book or have anything in your personel vehicle in 50 arial miles.

  3. Not covered because he wasn’t on the job for 91 days. Not covered because he got better in minimal time. Not covered because he didn’t have the virus. Not covered because he wasn’t covered… Basically, the way I see it is NOT COVERED…

    Kind of like when my nephew joined the Army, and didn’t complete Boot Camp, told them he was entitled to Veterans Benefits… NOPE… NOT COVERED THERE EITHER…

    1. No one knows what he had because he was not tested, you people need to let that sink in. Time on the job was not the reason given in article for benefit denial, not being tested is given as the reason.

      1. You are also going by second hand information. Disgruntle employee – KRDO – you. And everyone knows that KRDO gets it absolutely right and reports both sides……. not. The guy who quit is going to make things all seem in his favor because he didn’t get free pay for a sniffle.
        So there is no information directly from JB Hunt. KRDO didn’t even state they reached out to them for comment. But common sense fills in the blanks in this case.

  4. Truckers Hiding thier sicknesses as companies force them to work. Mega carriers is heartless and ruthless and will violate the fair labor act to the highest degree. Truckers are hiding COVID-19 while crossing state lines , they all need to be shutdown and quarantine immediately..

    1. 1st of most people in society dont see truckers as essential… Expendable yes not essential. Mega carriers don’t care if 1 guy quits. They have 10 or more on the pipeline for that truck.

    2. Specifically, the “Prohibiting Coercion of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers” rule forbids motor carriers but also shippers, receivers, and transportation intermediaries from coercing CDL holders to violate certain provisions of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

      This rule protects a driver from being forced to work, the FMCSA has a reort line so a driver can report any coercion.

      So if a driver is hiding symptoms of the Corona Virus, they are being seriously dangerous to themselves and the public.

  5. Driving for uber!? Pretty sure that wasn’t social distancing of 6ft buddy… Not to mention cough [particles] & sneezes can travel 12ft per second at force of 100 miles/hr (“here’s your sign”)

  6. Driver was driving illegal by working for Uber, Mega fleets are not always the best, but, he set himself up for the issue in this case. Whining about his “injustices” at the hands of his employer is not right in this case because he was the one at fault.
    Guess he is hoping that a future employer doesn’t Google his name, any trucking company would see his willingness to break the law by working with unreported hours of service will be a huge red flag.

  7. He wasn’t covered because he wasn’t with the company long enough. His insurance probably doesn’t go into effect until the 91st day of being with the company. The article is all wrong

  8. Non-white immigrant and long haul truck driver. You can’t be making these sorts of demands while working as a truck driver. Heck, many white collar workers in private sector goes through hardships. I don’t blame trucking company. Trucking has been down. Many went bankrupt. Governt should help out, should pay sick benefits payments to people unemployed due to sickness. In my experience, a company can find tons of experienced hard working truckers so it’s not their loss if you quit. We gotta compromise and sacrifice in life unless you were born rich. Good luck moving to Texas. Worse drivers are in Texas. People in Texas are angry, frustrated and sad and take out all their frustrations on roads. I deliver in Texas every week and I’d never move to Texas even if somebody gives me a free home in Texas. Traffic is crazy. Too many retards in Texas. As a trucker you’re better off in WY, iA, NE.

  9. Bleh… You have no experience to back up your exagerated accusations. You are allowed to operate for money ie cab.. uber not commercial if you do so within 50 miles of your terminal and you are 6/7 days not 7/8. This is intRAstate not intERstate. Get your facts straight idiots.

    1.75million OTR Miles
    1.0million local miles.
    Have a nice day. Remember state law supercedes federal law when it comes to local regulations on intRAstate drivers in any state.

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