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Super Bowl LV Props: Five Best Bets for Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

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The NFL season comes to a climactic close on Sunday night as Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs battle Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV with the NFL title on the line.

The Super Bowl is the most heavily bet annual sporting event in the world, and this year will be no different with no shortage of game lines, point totals and specialty prop bets available at

As the big game nears, here’s a look at the five best prop bets for Super Sunday’s matchup.

Both Teams Score in the First Quarter

  • Yes: +110
  • No: -149

While making the Super Bowl requires strong play on both sides of the ball, there’s no question that both the Chiefs and the Buccaneers made it this far thanks primarily to their offenses. Both teams rank in the top-five in scoring offense, with Tampa Bay ranking No. 2 in the league with 30.7 points per game and Kansas City ranking No. 5, averaging 27.9.

The offenses aren’t quite as prolific in the first quarter compared to other teams, but both still rank in the top half of the league in first-quarter scoring this season, and with both teams boasting strong kickers, it’s a good bet that they’re both going to put up some points early, especially if the bet is at plus or even money.

Pick: “Yes” Both NFL Teams Score in the First Quarter for +110 at

Team to Score First Wins the Game

  • Yes: -169
  • No: +130

While scoring first is a fairly undeniable advantage, both of these teams have shown throughout their playoff run that it isn’t always indicative of how the rest of the game will go, as both teams have both come back in games, and nearly allowed a comeback from the opposing team in the past two weeks.

In the Divisional Round, the Chiefs hopped out to an early 19-3 leads over the Cleveland Browns, but the Browns were able to mount a second-half comeback and had a chance to take the lead at the end of the game before ultimately falling 22-17. The following week, Kansas City fell behind the Buffalo Bills 9-0 in the opening quarter but roared back to win the game 38-24.

Tampa Bay, meanwhile, was trailing the New Orleans Saints 6-0 after the first quarter of their Division Round contest but turned it around to win the game 30-20. The following week, the Buccaneers opened 28-10 lead over the Green Bay Packers but nearly allowed a comeback, eventually winning just 31-26.

Both of these teams have proven that an early lead isn’t safe in either direction and in a game that has the potential to be high scoring, the best bet here is “No,” especially at plus money.

Pick: “No” Team to Score First Wins the Game for +130.

How Many Players Will Have a Passing Attempt?

  • Over 2.5: +150
  • Under 2.5: -200

Both of these teams rely heavily on their superstar quarterbacks and aren’t typically inclined to take the ball out of their hands, especially in important games. Tampa Bay has not attempted a single pass with a non-quarterback this season and the last time the Chiefs did it, wide receiver Sammy Watkins threw an interception.

It’s extremely unlikely that either of these teams attempts a pass with somebody that isn’t a quarterback, so essentially this bet boils down to whether or not there’s an injury to a starting quarterback, and both of these teams are exceptional at protecting their quarterbacks. It may be a juicy number, but in an average game, there’s a far greater odds than -200 that both starting quarterbacks finish the game without injury.

Pick: “Under 2.5” Players Will Have a Passing Attempt for -200.

What Will Happen First in the Game?

  • Touchdown: -130
  • Sack: -110

Though it might seem on the surface that a sack is more likely than a touchdown in a football game, that could not be further from the truth with these two teams. The Chiefs and the Buccaneers have two of the most prolific scoring offenses in the NFL with two of the best pass protecting offensive line in the league.

Both Tampa Bay and Kansas City rank in the top-five in the NFL in sacks allowed per game, both allowing an average of just 1.4 sacks per contest. Both of the teams also rank in the top-five in the league in touchdowns scored per game, with each averaging 3.6 trips to the end zone per game.

Simply put, both of these teams are almost twice as likely to score a touchdown as they are to surrender a sack, making “touchdown” the clear correct choice here.

Pick: “Touchdown” will happen first for -130.

Highest Scoring Quarter

  • 1st Quarter: +500
  • 2nd Quarter: +170
  • 3rd Quarter: +500
  • 4th Quarter: +240

Both the Chiefs and the Buccaneers boast top-five scoring offenses that can put up points in a hurry, but both seem to do most of their damage offensively in the second quarter, in particular.

Kansas City and Tampa Bay each rank in the top-five in the NFL in second-quarter scoring, both averaging 10.2 second-quarter points per game, which is noticeably more than any other quarter. The 20.4 combined second-quarter scoring average is four points higher than their fourth-quarter scoring average, which is the next highest-scoring quarter.

The second quarter is by far the highest-scoring quarter across NFL, and both of these teams are especially high scoring in the second. As a result, the second quarter is the best bet here, especially at a +170.

Pick: 2nd quarter at +170. is a licensed sportsbook in the state of Colorado. Customers 21 years and older within Colorado state lines can wager legally through the website or mobile app. The content above is solely for informational purposes and does not guarantee future winnings.

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