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If you’re new to the world of sports betting, you may have heard of an NFL teaser bet and wondered what one is. 

The simple answer is that a teaser bet is a group of two or more straight bets combined into a single wager. That wager has each individual line shifted to be more in your favor by the number of points of the teaser. 

For the NFL, at there are typically three main point teasers: 6, 6.5 and 7 points.

The best way to describe an NFL teaser bet is to give an example, so here’s one to help break it all down. Say you come across two games where you’re sure the teams you want to pick — like the Bills and the Packers — are going to win, but you’re not extremely confident about the points. You can shift those points to a more confidence-inspiring position. 

If you’re going to take the Bills at -7 and the Packers at -2.5, and you choose to take a 6-point NFL teaser, the line would shift to the Bills at -1 and the Packers at +3.5. As you can see, that shift greatly increases the odds of you pulling out the win. 

The same idea goes for the 7 and the 6.5 NFL teasers with the line shifting by the selected amount. 

With every edge you gain in gambling, your potential rewards are usually reduced as well. That’s the major caveat when it comes to teaser bets. The more you shift the line in your favor, the more your payout is going to shrink. 

Also, keep in mind that teaser bets cannot be single game wagers. Two or more bets are parlayed into a single bet. You can add as many as you want, but keep in mind that in order to win a teaser bet, all the outcomes on the betting slip have to be correct. So, if you bet two teams to win and both do, you’ll win your bet. If only one team of the two wins, you lose. 

Sometimes, depending on the sportsbook you’re using, such as, a tie in one game can lead to a refund of the wager. Make sure to check the rules at the sportsbook of your choice before you make your wager. 

Are Teaser Bets Worth The Risk? 

Teaser bets are less popular than normal moneyline or spread bets when it comes to sports wagers, but the popularity is increasing as more and more sportsbooks open across the United States. 

The wager is more popular with experienced bettors, but as long as you understand the concept, it’s a fairly easy bet to make. 

But is it worth it? 

Obviously risk vs. reward is part of every gambling equation, and you have to weigh the rewards of any wager you make before putting your money down. When it comes to teaser bets, that risk and reward relationship is often not a favorable one. 

For example, if you were to place a parlay wager that has a potential payout of 2.6-1, a 6-point teaser might change that payout to 10-12. In terms of your return, a $10 teaser bet with those odds would pay $8.33. The parlay, on the other hand, would have paid $26. Your potential winnings are greatly reduced because your spreads were improved due to the teaser bet. 

In general, teaser bets are often avoided by sports bettors because of the reduced potential winnings. Those who do choose to use them tend to do so in very situation-specific circumstances, and do so after thorough research and consideration of the options on hand. 

Whether or not teasers are worthwhile for you is something you’ll have to determine for yourself. Is the risk worth the potential reward? Or are you better off making a wager with a better potential payout? Do your research, consider your options and weigh the risk vs. reward before placing any bet. is a licensed sportsbook in the state of Colorado. Customers 21 years and older within Colorado state lines can wager legally through the website or mobile app beginning September 1. The content above is solely for informational purposes and does not guarantee future winnings. 

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