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Colorado Springs Police investigate deadly crash at Marksheffel Rd. near Dublin Blvd.


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Springs Police Department is investigating a deadly crash that happened in the area of Marksheffel Road and Dublin Boulevard Monday.

According to the Colorado Springs Fire Department, crews first responded to the crash just after 9 a.m.

At 9:52 a.m., the Colorado Springs Police Department announced northbound Marksheffel was closed at Terran Hits and southbound at Dublin.

Through an on-scene investigation, police determined a vehicle was traveling southbound on Marksheffel Rd. when it crossed into oncoming traffic and struck a northbound vehicle.

According to police, both drivers were taken to local hospitals. Police confirmed one driver later died from injuries sustained in the crash.

The Major Crash Team responded and is continuing the investigation into the cause of the crash.

At 1:16 p.m., CSPD announced the road was back open.

This is a developing story.




  1. I knew it was just a matter of time before someone died between Stetson and Dublin on Marksheffel. That housing area just south of Dublin needs a light.

    1. A traffic light would NOT have made any difference in this incident. The (southbound) driver at fault crossed over into the northbound lane, causing the collision. Photos on another site (thanks, KKTV) looking north to the accident scene clearly show that this was nowhere near the entrance to the housing area you are referencing.
      All that aside, I do agree with you that a traffic light is desperately needed for that area, as well as the one going up between Barnes and N. Carefree.

      1. I used to like KKTV and watched all the time, but when they got rid of Eric Singer and Mike Madson, I stopped watching and started watching KRDO. Eric’s covering of the Texas Seven is one of career highlights and I enjoyed watching.

        1. Same here, except I go back to the days of Hal Kennedy at KKTV, who was probably the best news anchor ever in Colorado Springs. When he retired, Eric Singer continued Hal’s trend of a clâssic news professional, and Sandra Mann should also not be forgotten as one of KKTV’s most professional anchors. And real news professionals are hard to find anywhere these days. Meanwhile, Mike Madson was a weather forecasting professional. He was one of the most successful forecasters before the days when forecasting was done entirely by computers. He was also a really nice guy.

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