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Gov. Polis gives update on COVID-19 in Colorado and Omicron variant tracking


COLORADO (KRDO) -- Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is giving an update on the state's response to COVID-19 as state public health officials work to track the emerging Omicron variant.

Watch below:

You can find more information about COVID-19 in Colorado, including the latest data and where to find a vaccine or test near you, by clicking this link.




  1. Stop with the nonsense gov…the “omicron” is not serious and no fake vax or anything you say is going to fix this problem. It’s your problem gov quit shining us on. Your tactics are slowly falling apart and you and all your politicians who have a need to keep this “scamdemic” going will finally be exposed! Your lockdowns didn’t work…your masks or your mask mandates didn’t work and your “vaccine” isn’t working either. Let us live our lives peacefully and without government interference! This is America…let freddom ring!

  2. It’s much ado about nothing – and I mean that literally. They have yet to purify and isolate the original covid virus, let alone any of the variants. They’re playing whack-a-mole with our lives and using the non-causative variants as an excuse to keep the crack down going and reduce the population and the control human spirit by doing so. It’s that satanically simple. As long as we keep buying into THEIR LANGUAGE and THEIR NARRATIVE, they win, we lose. We all need to stop using the word vaccine – they are not that. We all need to stop thinking in terms of viruses being causative – they have never been proven to be causative. We all need to stop thinking in terms of contagion – that too is an unproven theory. There are other factors at work that are being ignored by the techmeds because techmeds can only generate profits in the physical realm.…/how-to-defeat-the-transhumanists

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