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Gov. Polis announces third round of winners in Colorado’s vaccination prize drawings

COLORADO (KRDO) -- The third winner of a million dollars and five more students winning $50,000 scholarships will be announced by Gov. Jared Polis Friday in Colorado's Comeback Cash giveaway.

Watch below:

Two winners have already been named millionaires as part of Colorado's effort to encourage vaccinations from the COVID-19 virus. A total of five winners will win $1 million each, and 25 students will win $50,000 scholarships.

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  1. For those who haven’t heard, we are witnessing a globally coordinated plan (conspiracy) to use fear and “safety” as cover for a “reset” of the world economy and society. This is a planned and internationally coordinated strategy by the most powerful global elites-the ruling class There’s lots of different terminology and branding, for example: Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Technocracy. The main aim of this plan is the concentration of power over capital, wealth, people and nature in the hands of the very largest corporations and monopolies. This plan for a new phase of global capitalism is enabled by national states and governments, international organizations and quangos (EU, UN, NATO, IMF, WTO, WHO, Gates, GAVI). With no clear lines between state and non-state actors, this is also a form of global corporatism. Environmentalist and egalitarian-sounding narratives and slogans such as sustainability, identity, fairness and equity are used to both obscure the class nature of the plan and to appeal to and co-opt ‘left’ and ‘progressive’ people and movements.

    This is not in any way a “conspiracy theory” and anyone who rejects it as such is just not paying attention. It is being done in plain sight, in front of our eyes, openly. “Public Safety” is being used as the catch-all justification to entrench the Biosecurity State.

    You can only understand the lockdown imperative in this context, for example it is an ideal opportunity for big capitalists and their state facilitators to crush SMEs and expand monopolies and for western states to permanently curtail ‘legacy freedoms’ that are hurdles to their dominance. I believe that people with immense wealth and power conspire- this is not a theory it is a proven historical fact. If you still cannot fathom that people with immense wealth and power conspire, then that doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist” — it makes you a coincidence theorist. And an idiot.

    1. Well, duh! Lol. Personally I am enjoying the lack of services and outrageous price increases !

    2. Conspiracy theories often sound convincing because they start with the detailed exposition of credible scientific or historical facts. The problem is that these facts and arguments lead to extraordinary conclusions.

      1. And “richierich” always presents volumes of credible but irrelevant facts.

  2. For those who are thinking of getting their kid the shot just to try to win a scholarship is wrong. Other countries are warning people that Kids should NOT be vaccinated unless they are at high risk or have other medical conditions that make them high risk. They have seen more harm done by the vaccines to kids than COVID its self. A healthy local 15 year old died 2 days after getting the vaccine and they are investigating it now and they know it was due to the vaccine.

    1. Do you have a credible source of that information? I haven’t yet seen anything connecting a vaccination to a death in a healthy teen, which has to be very recent since the vaccine has only just been approved for younger teens.

      1. I have. It has something to do with kids having really good immune systems; so when they are exposed to the current COVID vaccines, their immunity goes into over-drive which causes heart inflammation. It could be from the vaccine itself or it could be from improper dosage in kids. it could be that they need only one shot instead of two. I will post a link below this post (incase this site refuses to post the link).

        1. This is a video channel of Christy Risinger who is an internal medicine doctor. She has a pretty balance approached. Some things I agree with and some I don’t, but I think she’s pretty unbiased about the topic. She has a plethora of videos on the whole COVID and vaccine topics. Her source for her video comes from the JAMA cardiology study

      2. My comment with the links are awaiting moderation, but you might be able to find them by looking up Christy Risinger who is an internal medicine doctor she sites the JAMA cardiology study. She has videos on youtube that explain in detail, and she posts the sources in the details under her videos.

        1. Thanks for the link. The JAMA article discusses the increased risk to US college athletes of acquiring myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) after being infected with Covid-19, and it talks about the extremely low odds of the possible side-effect. Dr. Risinger talks about young people in Israel who have received the vaccines having the same inflammation. So it seems to confirm that either Covid infection or the MRNA vaccines may produce similar results in these young people (No testing has been done with the J&J vaccine, which is expected to produce similar results). But neither of them mentions the comparative incidence of myocarditis in similarly-aged athletes who were neither infected with Covid nor received the vaccines, which is what would determine if it’s actually a side-effect or simply something that is known to affect similar subjects anyway.

          1. Dr. Risinger is probably the best balanced information that I have found on the subject. She has two teens herself, and she had them receive the first vaccine dose. She admits that she is holding off on the second dose for her kids until more information becomes available concerning the heart inflammation, and that’s the problem. We just don’t have all the information. Time and research will tell.

          2. There are sufficient questions about this, so you will soon hear that the CDC is investigating it.

    2. I still haven’t found any evidence of the case you talked about, or about warnings from other countries. Sounds like that could be unsubstantiated data being distributed because it appears to be evidence against being vaccinated.

        The kids. This is older but they now are finding he died from heart inflammation which is typically caused by a viral overload. He did not have COVID and it appears the viral overload was due to reaction to the vaccine. He was not at risk and is now dead. He did not have to die. Saving any life is the point of the vaccine, so why push it on people who don’t need it when there is a greater potential of harm vs the actual virus.
        But hey you could win a scholarship. Ethically wrong to entice people into getting a medical procedure who do not need it.

  3. Here’s some more to chew on:
    If you’ve written many comments to KRDO (as I have), you’ll know that its online comments pages such as this one are inhabited by a small group of far-Left liberals who mostly engage in ad hominem attacks on anyone who expresses a moderate or conservative position, and they rarely, if ever, present thoughtful, well-reasoned, factually-based arguments supporting their own position (once in a while Check does). Of course, that’s to be expected, as the far-Left liberals of today are not like the traditional liberals a few decades ago who were willing to engage with conservatives in civil discourse about an issue (such as former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg and the last one left on the Court, Justice Stephen Breyer), but instead today’s liberals immediately try to “cancel” both the person and any thoughts they express and prevent them from seeing the light of day. Sad but true….

    1. I don’t necessarily attack people who expresses a moderate or conservative position. But I will confront anyone who expresses blatantly erroneous information, and I always do my best to explain why. But it does seem that many people who frequently express erroneous information are also ones who often express a moderate or conservative position, and you’ve presented more than your share of both.

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