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Colorado Springs substitute teacher calls for Confederate flag to be banned in classrooms

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- There is a viral petition on that is calling for the banning of the confederate flags in classrooms. The petition now has over 24,000 signatures and is asking for a response from superintendent J. Thomas Gregory of Academy School District 20.

According to the petition, Hailey Schramm, a substitute teacher for Academy School District 20, says she came across someone who had a confederate flag on display in her classroom. Schramm adds, "I made the district and the principal aware of the situation, and neither had a problem with her displaying it for "educational purposes."

Schramm said, "In short, it is not the flag that is the problem but the symbolism behind it. The leader of the confederate army believed that whites are superior to Black Americans and said as much."

The petition has amassed 24,658 signatures as of Wednesday morning.

The substitute teacher concludes, "Classrooms are meant to be a safe space for all students, and it cannot be a safe space if a modern-day symbol of hate is on display." She hopes that the confederate flags are banned in classrooms, similar to how New York has eliminated the use of confederate flags to be bought, sold, or displayed on state property.

In an email sent to parents Wednesday evening, D20 said they looked into why the flag was hung up to understand its full context.

According to D20, the flag was part of a lesson.

We learned the flag was displayed as part of an 8th grade American History from Revolution to Reconstruction course. Numerous flags were displayed as the class learned about periods in American history. At the close of the unit, the class removed the flags and examined each flag’s historical context. Specific to the Confederate Flag, the class also discussed what the battle flag signified and how today, in 2021, the flag is viewed as a symbol of hate. The flag, along with others, are no longer on display as the unit of study has concluded.

We believe our classrooms are spaces for safe, supported dialogue around historical and current events. We are grateful for the open conversations with all involved. These conversations will continue, and we will engage in further learning to push our district forward to make sure all in our school communities feel safe and supported.

Superintendent Tom Gregory of Academy School District 20

The email went on to say D20 has policies about flag displays, selection of instructional materials, and teaching controversial issues and it does not appear district policies were violated with the Confederate Flag being hung.

Gregory noted the district formed a DEI Task Force to conduct an equity audit of the district, and that this situation highlights the need for such a Task Force.

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  1. Is there anything at all they do not cry about. You can not say, or do ANYTHING and they cry .How about get a life

  2. So are we to “Scrub” all parts of history that are not politically correct to today’s standards? Because it might make someone uncomfortable? Kids will have no clue about racial divide unless you teach them that. Teaching them that hey this is what happened and its not right is a better approach. Not ohh if we had this up you should feel this way or that..
    So whats next to be scrubbed? Both world wars? Vietnam? Korean war? Just about everything in history is targeted at one nationality or another and anyone could be “uncomfortable”.
    We need to cancel cancel culture! This is out of control

  3. There is a reason this snowflake is a substitute teacher and it is likely not due to being informed, historically literate or a fan of teaching students to think and reason for themselves. Fortunately not all substitute teachers are this weak minded and fragile.

    1. History? Such as the original flag design based on Austria’s flag by Prussian Nicola Marschall?
      Or the 2nd? Designed by Georgia newspaper editor William T. Thompson. For his “Stainless Banner,” Thompson put the battle flag in the top left corner of an otherwise pure white flag, because, as Thompson explained: “As a people we are fighting to maintain the heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.”

      There’s your History lesson, Skippy..

      1. We’re getting rid of anything and everything about slavery, base on Democrat and Liberal’s own standards….we must get rid of the Democrat Party.

  4. Actually, used as a teaching aid, the classroom is one of the few proper places for a Confederate flag to be displayed. How are students to learn if they cannot see or hear about the subject. And to that substitute: No, the classroom is most definitely not meant to be a ‘safe space’. A classroom is meant to be a place of learning, and often learning is difficult, controversial and confrontational.

  5. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” – George Santayana
    If we do not discuss and remember the world’s dark history then we cannot recognize it when it comes back around and tries again. It is not a glorious discussion, but one that does not lose it’s merit because of its nature.
    It’s similar to the 1st Amendment, everyone has the right to say what they want (Within the legal confines) just because the speech is not popular by the majority does not mean it must be removed and stricken or penalized for, But it is our duty to make the decision whether to agree with it or not.
    In my belief, this is where this cancel culture is erring. Our Government was not established to provide each individual with a safety net from all harm, yet that seems to be the common misconception in the younger generations beliefs, actions and ideologies.

  6. “Classrooms are meant to be a safe space for all students”

    What a shram operation. How can we educate when even the part timers are offended?

  7. Cry More!!! We don’t cancel culture around here… and learn and don’t repeat.

  8. There is a reason Hailey is a substitute teacher and not fully employed. She is a Colorado College graduate seeking full time employment. If it is as a teacher, she just ended that dream. The flag itself, flown as a symbol to be saluted is horrible. It’s historical significance in our country, and our current state of unrest and divide, is not. If kids are pledging allegiance to it, there is a problem. Hailey is not smart, informed, or pedagogically sound. Her next career move will be practicing, “Do you want fries with that?”

  9. Based on these comments, people feel it is okay to display the jihadist flag in classrooms. Shall we erect an Osama bin Laden statue in New York? Jihadist believers attacked the United States just like Confederate believers attacked the United States. Both are part of our history. I don’t understand the obsession people have with the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag symbolizes three things, one you are a racist, two you are a loser, and three you are an enemy of the United States.

    1. Do you forget that the civil war was not all about slavery? It was 90% States rights and 10% slavery. Also half of the country was in the CSA(Confederate States of America)at the time. So it is not a jihadist terror attack like 9/11. It was two parts of the country with different views and the better one prevailed(obviously). The confederate flag in a school setting is to represent the history of what happened then. Just like when they teach about WW2 there are nazi flags in text books to show the history. Not to praise them or anything else.
      There is no obsession with the confederate flag. I just don’t think it is right to try to erase it from American history.

      1. The right that was in question was the right to own slaves. Southern states did not believe that the federal government had the power to dissolve the institution of slavery ( states rights argument). What other rights were being threatened? Even the Tariff of 1828 was a direct result of slavery. Showing the Confederate flag in a textbook is much different than displaying it in a classroom. The southerners who went to war took up arms against the federal government-they became enemies of the United States.

    2. You clearly didn’t read my post, or you didn’t understand the concept.

      1. I did read it hence the comment that the flag in textbooks is different than displayed in classrooms. Besides the right to own slaves, which rights do you think the federal government was infringing upon according to the Confederacy?

        1. I believe that it was not as simple as one reason caused the Civil War. And having recently looked at an article about this topic, I find myself in the middle ground believing that both State’s rights and slavery were the main reasons of the Civil War. Though I do find that each state’s Declaration of Causes for Session make it fairly clear that each state did not want the federal government interfering with their state decisions, and that decision they were most concerned about was, more often than not directly reflecting the continuation of slavery.
          In the end, I find that the main causality for the Civil War was greed and power, as it has been with nearly every war ever fought throughout history.
          This hyperlink I am attaching is one of the sources I utilized to develop my opinion.

        2. Where I disagree with you is this statement, “Based on these comments, people feel it is okay to display the jihadist flag in classrooms. Shall we erect an Osama bin Laden statue in New York?” Unless in history we begin teaching the factual occurrence of how Our government, and the CIA under Operation Cyclone directly taught Osama Bin Laden to fight the Soviet Union from December 24, 1979 – February 15, 1989. Unless we teach that it was how America abandoned them after this was was one of the main points in contention as his hatred and distrust with the west that later led to 2001, I do not see the correlation to having a jihadist flag on display in our history classrooms.
          Where I see the main difference is one is our nation’s history, where the other is world history and how our nation influenced an attack on our nation.

  10. No, her next move will be politics or maybe a community organizer. Oh, wasn’t one of the rights the south was fighting for, the right to continue slavery? Just asking.

    1. Slavery was a small part of the civil war but got a bigger publicist.
      90% of the civil war was in regards to States Rights. Many states had already abolished or outlawed slavery. Many people do not know the real history behind the civil war. They just parrot the basics and think they know the rest when they actually don’t.

  11. She is the archetypical brainwashed liberal indoctrinated into the America hating radical
    marxist democrat cancel culture campaign to destroy America, it’s history, culture and values.

  12. A classroom should not be a ” safe place” from ideas you dont’t agree with. It should be a place for open discussion, something colleges haven’t taught in years.

  13. Another news site says it was part of a history lesson from the revolution to reconstruction, displaying flags was part of the lesson. After that segment was completed the flag was removed. Making noise over something that is not even there now

  14. Hailey Schramm is a whining liberal shrill. How dare she “educate” us on what she thinks the flag means. As if we are all idiots! Thankfully D20 schooled her liberal a**. It’s like, oh my, the flag was left hanging on the wall. Boo hoo! So tired of these cry babies. Her FB page shows exactly why she is a whining left wing nut, graduated from Colorado College of all places. It’s truly frightening that she is in the realm of being a teacher. Thank GOD I homeschool my child.

    1. They didn’t “school her”, actually. The district has completely embraced this new culture of resentment and the perpetually offended and has a new “DEI” program with a Task Force that will evaluate these types of situations in the future. Do a search for “d20 dei”.

  15. Also, I bet Ms. Schramm has a HARD time reciting the pledge in the morning with her students. LOL

  16. I can’t believe someone spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars to go to CC to become a teacher, in Colo sprigs. Apparently the medium wage for teachers here is $49K. She could’ve gone to a state school for far less. Bet her parents are happy about that crappy investment

  17. It is a shame people are following what the Chinese Cultural Revolution was about; erasing history. I have a relative in WA who’s school district decided several years ago to eliminate teaching of the World Trade Center or 9-11 attack because “it is too traumatic for students”. So here is a whole generation of American students who have no idea of what 9-11 was about. How sad! Like this Communist, Hailey Schramm, who graduated from CC wants to cancel teaching about the South and the Confederate flag because it may offend someone. Fortunately Auschwitz remains standing and millions of tourist from all corners of the world visit to learn about the history and holocaust. We all learn from our past, good and bad, but it is history that should remain to learn from! If Communist Schramm had her way she would tear down Auschwitz too.

  18. Unfortunately, Academy 20, like many, have already fully embraced “Diversity Equity & Inclusion” and have a task force to get it started. d20dei d.t org has some info about it.

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