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Colorado’s mask mandate to be extended through April

COLORADO (KRDO) -- Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced Friday that the state's mask mandate won't be expiring this weekend. The statewide mask order will be extended for 30 days on Saturday.

However, there will also be a transition plan for counties with low transmission rates of COVID-19 to loosen restrictions. According to the new executive order, counties in Level Green levels of transmission can lift or modify mask requirements. Level Green requires an incidence rate of 35 or fewer per 100,000 residents.

Under the new order, there are 31 counties in Colorado that can modify their mask restrictions. El Paso County is currently in Level Yellow.

The mask mandate is set to expire on May 2. It could be renewed again before then.

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  1. This would make sense if we had responsible adults living in Colorado. However, that not being the case this will lead to confusion and child like temper tantrums for those that routinely travel for work or recreation and cross county or city lines. I can already see the dumbest of them making the argument that they live in XXX and so don’t have to wear a mask in YYY because they don’t have a mask mandate and so don’t have one on their person.

    1. Pardon me. Responsible adults? Who the hel! are you? I’ll challenge your responsible all day long. Get over yourself and brainwashed liberal ideology. We don’t need a government idiot declaring edicts to live life. This a free country, lest we forget. If only the attack on our southern border by tens of thousands illegals and BLM thugs killing officers, destroying livelihoods be held to the same standard as a dam mask mandate!

      1. We’ve lost so many freedoms. Did you know government buildings and many businesses require you to wear shoes and a shirt to enter??!! And you have to wear pants or at least underwear when walking down the street to be considered “decent”. Then they went and asked us to wear a mask for a few months to help keep people from catching our COVID. I mean all this covering just ain’t ok.

    2. What do you mean by “responsible” adults? As “responsible” adults we have the right to make decisions about our health especially when it comes to things that could have negative effects on our health. The data that has come out has shown that lockdowns and mask mandates have no effect on the containment of the virus. How long do you think this needs to go on? When there is no virus? What happened to 15 days to slow the spread? I remember these tyrannical emergency powers were granted originally to make sure that the hospitals weren’t overrun but what is the purpose now? What is the endgame?

  2. Alexi do you ever have anything positive to say or is your negative stance to people who do not have the same belief system as you clouding your thoughts? Any way…I’m posting something I posted days ago…see if you can say anything positive to refute or dismiss it. Shalom!

    Governor Polis giving his unsubstantiated advice again? Political theater once more…all lies…all control and you…yes you elected them. Now you get to pay the pauper. Keep wearing that face diaper…keep hiding and spouting non-truths. The government should have never been involved in medical science or our lives for that matter. I am going to live…love…enjoy and be in control of my own freedoms offered from the Constitution to us as Americans and I will do that to the death and I can guarantee it will not be the Wuhan virus.You don’t want me in your business because I’m not wearing a mask? You don’t get my business. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Here is a saying from Nyona Matende: “Only fools and liars claim to know everything because the fool thinks all he knows is everything and the liar knows there is no sufficient DATA to know everything” If the shoe fits…

    Shalom once again

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