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El Paso County’s highway department seeking to fill 30 open positions

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Having an additional 30 workers for snow removal would be a big help on a day like Thursday after a significant winter storm moved through the area.

But for the past year, El Paso County's highway department has struggled to fill 30 vacancies -- three times above the average number of openings.

Officials said that a good starting salary and a great benefits package have done little to motivate people to apply.

There are several reasons cited. Among them: People don't want to drive a snowplow or do other maintenance work required, or they don't want to spend the time and money to obtain a Class B commercial driver's license needed for the job.

"We charge $2,600 for a two-week certification class," said an instructor at a local truck driving school. "But that's for a Class A license. It costs more, but it also allows you to drive a wider range of vehicles, and you can always find a job because companies are always looking for drivers."

Kevin Mastin, the county's deputy public works director, said that the situation isn't unique to his county.

"I'm hearing that other counties across the country are in a similar situation," he said. "It could be that the pandemic has put people out of work or caused them to earn less money, and they can't afford the expense of getting a license."

Mastin said that anyone who wants to become a highway department employee should contact local truck driving schools to learn how to qualify for a license.

"Some schools may have tuition assistance or financial aid that can help you," he said. "And it's not just a job for men. We have women working for us also."

The situation isn't negatively affecting snow removal, Mastin said, but it does make taking time off for employees more difficult when snow is in the forecast.

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. Snow plowing is not a full time position.
    I just checked the county’s web site for job posting and there were NONE for snow plow drivers.

    1. Yeah, I’m seriously doubtful about their “good starting salary and a great benefits package”

      Also, if they were really in need of these positions being filled, couldn’t they hire them and pay them to obtain their CDL rather than just crossing their fingers and hoping that people spend money that they don’t have to maybe obtain this job?

      This all just seems so odd to me

      1. “Yeah, I’m seriously doubtful about their “good starting salary and a great benefits package”
        hey, it might be great for a month or 2 out of the year…. 🙂

  2. Found the job on their website – it’s maintenance worker lll. No wonder they can’t fill it. Requires class A license and 3 years experience, emergency call out, equipment maintenance, for $25/hr??? Costco starts you at $16 to stock shelves! Anybody with a class A AND 3 years experience is going to be working for a trucking company making twice that – with a “benefits package”.

    1. Let me give the County a tip, when you can’t fill 30 positions it’s a market issue, you have to pay more – period!

    2. I didn’t see where there were 30 openings.
      Yes, you are correct. With a class A CDL and 3 years experience you can work for a lot of trucking companies that start at $29-45

      1. “I didn’t see where there were 30 openings.”
        “El Paso County’s highway department seeking to fill 30 open positions”
        Viral you really don’t do any research before you type do you. The answer was hidden in the title of this article…

        1. Or you were confused because EPC HR didn’t post Maintenance Worker III – Blades 30 times. Regardless I would imagine you have already proven you may not qualify due to your reading comprehension.

  3. There is a huge number of jobs open in this area. Unfortunately no one wants to work anymore.

  4. Uh, hello, highway maintenance means installing culverts, curb and gutter, paving, installing fences, pot holes, grading, etc. As well as snow plowing. Benefits package includes full health, vision, dental. Pension, holidays off for the most part, vacation etc etc. And only a moron will get fired once hired. Still not good enough? Wow

  5. $25.00 an hour is $50K per year, and after a couple of years you’ll be making more. What? It requires a high school diploma? Let’s not forget it’s the tax payers that provide this money.

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