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Gov. Polis gives update on COVID-19 in Colorado, Jan. 12

COLORADO (KRDO) -- Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is giving an update on the state's response to COVID-19 as more shipments of two coronavirus vaccines continue to be distributed.

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Governor Polis said he continues to put pressure on the federal government, since it isn't shipping vaccines to Colorado fast enough, holding the state back from distribution.

Polis said everyone over 70 could get their vaccine sooner than the end of February, if the federal government approves another type of vaccine, or ramps up its delivery efforts. The governor reiterated that the state prioritized people over 70 because they account for more around 80% of COVID-19 deaths, and 40% of hospitalizations.

"So once we have folks protected over 70, we will see a significant reduction in the fatalities and in the hospitalization rate," he explained.

Governor Polis also drew out the state's plan to distribute vaccines fairly to people of all financial backgrounds.

He said 40% of vaccines are going to hospitals, 20% to clinics, another 20% to public health providers, and 10% to pharmacies.

"If you're 70 and up -- whether you're uninsured and live in the San Luis Valley, whether you're wealthy and insured and live in Aspen or Boulder, whether you live in a multi-generational house in Westminster -- you should have no barriers to getting the vaccine," Polis said.

Click here for the full list of healthcare providers giving out vaccines.

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  1. Even though Polis designated those 65 and older as most vulnerable in order to lock them all down, he’s decided those 65 to 70 aren’t vulnerable enough in Colorado, unlike other states. Guess those “elderly” are expendable.

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