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Gov. Polis gives update on COVID-19 in Colorado, Nov. 20

DENVER (KRDO) -- Days after Gov. Jared Polis announced a change to Colorado's COVID-19 Dial Dashboard, the governor said approximately one in every fifty Coloradans is infected with COVID-19 during an update on the state's response to the coronavirus on Friday.

Governor Polis reiterated the need for social distancing, hand washing and mask-wearing. He also said we need to stop having personal gatherings to ensure COVID-19 numbers don't continue to rise and overwhelm hospital beds.

The governor went on to say the state is optimistic vaccines could be available for people over 60 early next year -- however he said there's still a ways to go.

"It's still a long time from now until then," Polis said. "And it could make the difference of thousands of lives, maybe even your own, if you do the right thing."

Coronavirus / News / State & Regional News Staff


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  1. Jarid-iot Polis should give updates on the economy and how his tyrannical mandates are affecting Colorado families. He won’t, of course, because he is trying to get more people on welfare.

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