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Colorado limits in-person gatherings to 10 people

COLORADO (KRDO) -- In response to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis' office issued an amendment to the state's public health order limiting the number of people who can attend personal gatherings.

The new order, announced by the state on Friday, limits personal gatherings to 10 people. The order also says groups can't have people from more than two households.

Most of the state had previously been limited to personal gatherings of 25 people.

This comes amid another spike of coronavirus cases in the state in recent weeks. El Paso County has also seen cases grow significantly, and Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers attributed the growth to informal gatherings of people not wearing masks or utilizing social distancing techniques, along with "workplaces where workers have gotten lax in observing health protocols."

“We are asking all Coloradans to act with an abundance of caution to reverse these worrying trends. Right now, the virus is spreading when people from multiple households attend gatherings. We need to keep gatherings smaller and with people from fewer households — we are asking everyone to ‘shrink their bubble’ to reduce the spread,” said Jill Hunsaker Ryan, executive director, CDPHE.

Counties that are currently in the "Protect Our Neighbors" level of coronavirus restrictions are exempt from the amended public health order. That includes Gilpin, Gunnison, Moffat, Rio Blanco counties.

As of Friday, there have been 90,222 positive COVID-19 cases in the state, and 2,070 people have died due to the virus, according to the state.

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Andrew McMillan

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  1. Last time i checked we live in AMERICA this little governor cannot and will not tell me who i can and can not hangout with…PERIOD!!! as to the number of people? once again CANNOT FORCE ME…or anyone else….i wear your little mask but I will not be jailed in my own home. all these little crapheads need to quit using anti-bacterial soaps and setting themselves up for a virus that will level their little rears……

    1. You are correct. The Governor, or anybody else for that matter, has ZERO authority to tell you privately what you can do!

    2. He’s hoping you would use your own intelligence. But he obviously isn’t counting on such a low level of comprehension.

      1. The real problem is that people are no longer equipped to deal with any kind of virus, they use anti bacterial soaps and DO NOT give their bodies a chance to build an immunity, and these same people that want us to wear a mask to PROTECT THEM…..they do nothing to help themselves….anyone else see the problem yet? as for common sense yes RC people should have more but its NOT on my head to do more for the people that will do nothing for themselves.

        1. You are of course correct. It needs everyone to participate, and as we can tell here, there are those who don’t think that way, or even think at all . . .

      1. Are those Covid death rates still at 5%? Oh, that’s right it never even got that close. Amazing how stupid YOU are. So happy you’re old and the earth will be rid of you.

  2. I hope the cops show up to try to break up my next party for too many people! The constitution still applies and they have ZERO right to come on my property! That’s a good way for very bad outcomes!

  3. But what about the Windmills that are killing us? And the tiny windows? Rise up people! Obama’s windmills will wipe out this land faster than you can say, “Let’s kill another 200,000 Americans” with some stupid hoax.

  4. Again, we don’t have enough Law Enforcement to respond to all calls for service in a timely manner currently. This is a government request and plea for common sense to prevail. Unfortunately, most will not listen due to sheer obstinance, because they view it isn’t a lawful order.

    What seems more interesting is the Republicans are always worried about the Democrats attacking their 2nd Amendment rights.

    Is it simply going unrecognized how the Republicans are actively going after our 1st Amendment rights? Look at the constant attacks on the media, and the local churches, both of these actions were initiated by the Republicans.

    So I ask, which Constitutional Amendment are you willing to lose? Pick you party, pick your poison.

    United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

    1. Unfortunately common sense is not universal, as can be seen from several people posting here. They all apparently subscribe to Trump’s egocentric world model, where they don’t care about anyone other than themselves. It seems that selfishness is the new norm in America.

      1. Not true, but im not gonna carry everyone either. get an immune system, unless you have a condition that prevents it.

  5. I have been in support of any measures that will help lower the spread but screw this. If you will not shut down large events such as football games and schools and other such things then go climb a tree. I will do my part but I expect you to do your part. I have walked into businesses that do not require their employees to wear masks and the school my children go to ignores the guidelines of the Colorado Board of Education and local health authorities.

  6. So, with in person gatherings limited to 10 people will the Broncos & Chiefs
    be playing their game with 5 on 5 players ?

  7. it’s not about our rights idc what the courts say, it’s about people dying If eveyone doesn’t do their part everything will get shut down again as there is no federal plan at all to counter this virus

      1. Wrong again. It is not up to the federal government to have a plan. It is left up to the state. Unfortunately, we have a wanna be Newsom in office, Jarid-iot Polis.

        1. But it should not have been left up to the states, because people like you would still complain about that and disregard it. The coronavirus doesn’t recognize state lines, or any other lines of demarcation, so we need to handle it as a nation, since it’s unreasonable to think the world could ever get together to handle it. But we need someone at the helm who understands the problem, and it’s not Trump, because like you he refuses to listen to the real experts.

    1. No one ever said that masks alone will solve all problems. They are just the primary component of the bigger picture of personal responsibility to minimize spread. And that’s why Trump doesn’t wear one, because like you he doesn’t understand.

      1. Derp. Trump was shutting down the borders while liberals were calling The President every word that ends in “ist”. While he was protecting the country, Piglosi was telling everyone to come on down to Chinatown and that there was no reason to fear anything.

  8. Out of curiosity, who does Jarid-iot Polis think will enforce this unenforceable mandate?

    1. He’s still hoping that people will show sufficient personal responsibility for self-enforcement, however idiotic they may be.

      1. 99.6% survival rate and you are willing to bend over and take it from Jarid-iot Polis. Figures.

        1. Tell that “survival rate” to the families of the 224,720 people who have died in our country so far, and the 900 or so expected to die by tomorrow. Your numbers are meaningless statistics used by Trump and his supporters to excuse his continued lack of action.

          1. 7 people out of 100 die NORMALLY every 6 months in the above 85 category. And for 85 and above, 15 per 100 covid cases (estimated cases), not documented cases, die. But you know these are also the sickest of the sick for 85 and above, so it’s not surprising under normal circumstances that close to 15 out of these 100 died.

      2. After 5 months of being homeschooled/word from home only to have them have large gathering and completely DESTROY all we have stayed home and worked for….I no longer give a shite!!! I’ll wear the damn mask but that’s it, no more will be given until these people change their ways.

        1. I hear you, but if we all took the same approach, we wouldn’t have a chance.
          I’m willing to do my part, and I’m hoping others will too, rather than whining . . .

  9. ‘It’s about people dying’? Well, dont ride in a car, dont go near anything that has a California cancer label, dont use sharp objects or power tools. Dont walk near a street. My god! There are so many people dying from other things than Covid. And masks dont work, weve worn them for 4 months now? But the numbers dont go down? Definition of insanity…

    1. We haven’t *ALL* worn masks for 4 months. If we had, we couldn’t be in the degree of mess we now find ourselves.

      1. The liberal states are the WORST accounting for over 80 percent of the deaths. They have had the most strict mask wearing ordinances. Look at south central wisconsin, one of the most liberal areas of the country! Their cases are exploding again, and they are under all sorts of mask ordinances. Why, because people aren’t following them! People don’t care what the law says, but they will comply with store policies, which are at nearly 100 percent for nationwide chains. They don’t follow them in other settings though, particularly in socializing, which DEMOCRATS love to do, particularly college kids!

  10. Unenforceable trash from a would-be tyrant; schulzie just better be careful he doesn’t cross that line.

  11. So who is to enforce this? No one can. Then it will be challenged and since it is private property and your home I don’t think it would hold up in court. Really sucks before holidays.

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