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Southwest Airlines coming to Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO –  As 2020 comes to a close the Colorado Springs Airport looks to 2021 as Southwest Airlines announced Thursday their intention to officially serve the people of Colorado Springs. Greg Phillips Director of Aviation at the Springs Airport says this is a huge move for them as Southwest becomes their fifth airline, adding more competition.

“And competition means lower fares. One of the things we hear often from our travelers is they would like to see lower fares at Colorado springs, we agree! So, having Southwest here gives us an opportunity to see that happen,” said Phillips.

We also spoke to people flying out of the Springs Airport, most everyone we spoke with loved the idea of bringing Southwest Airlines to COS.

William Trichell said, “I travel constantly and the more the better. More opportunity the better.”

While Shentell Guy added, “It’s a lot more affordable, they let you check bags for free and I have three kids so it’s expensive to fly usually with the whole family. So if they were here I would totally fly here instead of Denver.”

On top of helping the airport, Dirk Draper President and CEO of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce & EDC says this will have huge benefits for Colorado Springs economy as well.

“One is opening access to outbound flyers to additional markets, additional flight service. Second, is bringing incoming flights, visitors coming to Southern Colorado and third is the employment benefit of 50 more jobs in the Colorado Springs area.”

Service is anticipated to begin in the first half of 2021. Additional details, including schedules and fares, will be available sometime soon although they do not have an exact date.

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Aubry Tucker

Kolby Crossley

Kolby is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Kolby here.



  1. This should help travel from COS as long as they do more than just have puddle jumpers to their big hubs (DIA and DFW).
    The bad news is that business travel overall is bound to remain at a low level after companies recognize that business can be conducted successfully (and much cheaper!) without their staff traveling around the country all the time. Online conferencing has finally come into its own, and is bound to have a major impact on business travel, which is the bread and butter of the whole airline business.

    1. Business travel to COS is going to go up. Amazon and Space force. Southwest wants to get in on those markets.

      1. I hope you’re right, but none of that is certain yet. And won’t a lot of Space Force travel be by military flights?

  2. Will SWA actually be treating the Springs as a destination, or will it always mean routing to DIA for a plane change like United does?
    Hopefully, even if they do route through DIA, they don’t turn it into the same mess as United.

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