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    1. President Biden will issue a national mask order and all of a sudden a MIRACLE happens! People actually start dying of old age again! Crazy because I haven’t gone anywhere in america where a mask wasn’t required inside, so what’s going to change? I live in a very conservative neighborhood. EVERYONE WEARS MASKS around here. You know where the big COVID circles are in Colorado Springs? Put it this way, very close to the protests and definately in Democrat neighborhoods!!! Of course Polis will punish ALL of Elpaso county because of them!

      1. I don’t know what’s funnier, you thinking Biden will be elected or the governor of Denver cares about anyone who lives outside of Denver. Thank you for playing though.

  1. No trump has turned everything into confusion by lying or misinformation or emmision as they call it about this virus Wear a mask to protect your family , friends and neighbors please! this isn’t political, it’s common sense

    1. But but but Mike, the Walmart on Platte is closed due to a COVID19 outbreak and everyone who shops or work there must wear a mask.

      and yes the media and I will add the medical community profesionals made the COVID19 a ball of confusion.
      The marxist democrat controlled fake news media brainwashed you into blaming Trump, the gullible is their targeted audience.

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