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Spike in COVID-19 testing at UCHealth site

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The UCHealth COVID-19 test site off Parkside Drive has seen a significant spike in testing. UCHealth pulled data on recent three-day time periods, all Mondays-Wednesdays when testing demand is generally the highest at the UCHealth drive-through tent.

The numbers below reflect people who were tested at UCHealth's tent off Parkside Drive, near Memorial Park. Demand has increased steadily, with the first week in July being double that of the first week in June over the same three-day period.

June 8-10: 501 people
June 15-18: 640 people
June 22-24: 742 people
June 29-July 1: 844 people
July 6-8: 1,006 people

COVID-19 testing at UCHealth's Parkside Drive costs $85 out of pocket. A person can also get a physician's order for a test, and many insurance companies will pay for the test. If you need to get testing at this location, you can sign up for testing here and click the COVID-19 testing icon.

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  1. I do not believe their numbers. For July 6-8 they claim 1006 people tested. That averages out to about 45 test per hour. Took a friend there today for a test, we waited 20 minutes and moved 1 car length. Since the test was needed because of an upcoming procedure we left and they cancelled the procedure. They are way to slow to do 1006 test in 3 days.

  2. Tests not positive results. Going with historical data 95% of tests return a negative result, Media has everyone so scared that when they get a sour stomach or sneeze they think they have COVID.

  3. A spike in TESTS. Thanks to the fear mongering.

    What a money making scam. Scare your customers into buying your products!!!

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