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Gov. Polis orders bars, nightclubs to close in Colorado amid COVID-19 pandemic

polis presser Cropped

DENVER (KRDO) -- Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is giving an update on the state's response to COVID-19 on Tuesday and announced that bars and nightclubs will be closed again due to an uptick amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Polis said that bars and nightclubs will not be able to open to guests inside for at least 30 days, though establishments that serve food can continue to do so. To-go alcohol orders will also still be allowed.

Watch below:

Updated data on the coronavirus spread throughout the state can be found at this link.

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  1. It wasn’t that long ago that Polis was pleased to announce that they were drastically increasing the amount of testing they were going to do. The obvious result is that more cases will be found and thus an “uptick” in the numbers of new cases. Polis said that with increased testing, the number of positive cases will go up. That doesn’t mean there’s an increase in cases but that the testing will catch positives cases that would otherwise have gone undetected, he said.

    And now, guess what folks? We’ve had an uptick in new cases. Arrrggg!!! They sky is falling! The sky is falling! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Be very afraid! Close businesses and screw up the economic recovery that was proceeding too fast for the upcoming election!!!

  2. Not enough governor. Learn from the states around us or we will be looking at a shutdown in another few weeks. It’s not the bars that are a problem but all the people running around without masks making fools of themselves at summer gatherings.

    1. If you’re sick Karen, you wear a mask otherwise take your authoritarian opinion someplace else. Also, take your mask and your governor and shove it.

  3. If masks are the saving grace, they should have mandated it from the start. I do not wear one in public, doesnt make me foolish or selfish. Nor do I judge those who choose to wear one. There’s an uptick because everyone and their dog is being tested, duh!!!

    1. @Normieus funny thing is before the covid-19 the C.D.C. said that anything but an N95 mask had no chance of stopping the bug. quote: “a paper mask couldn’t stop a flu bug with a hangover.”

  4. The scamdemic is merely a psychological experiment orchestrated by the left. A mask is the new dunce cap.

  5. Alexi is just ignorant. It happens. They’re scared and miserable, walking around with their muzzle and they want everyone else to be too.

  6. Alexi- you’re a ignorant fool. If you’re wearing a mask, and I am not, aren’t you going to be fine with your mask of saving grace??! I don’t wear a mask and won’t and I am fine. AND I am at risk. But I will NOT live live like the Asian nations do because they f@cked themselves into over population and don’t know how to be clean. I will not live like a covered freak because you think I should. Nobody had a thing to say about masks when all the whiner crybabies were protesting a career criminals death. They brought this back along with the increase in testing. Period. End of story.

    1. Thanks for the laugh!
      Please change your name to OverTheEdge. Not even Faux News, nor the Senate Majority Enabler Mitch McConnell buy that drivel. You and the pResident should go fishing together somewhere far, far away. Try not to fall off the edge of the earth!

  7. This ashkenazi jew bag is literally showing his allegiance to the all-seeing eye in the headline photo, but all you sheep see is a guy” positioning his mask”

  8. Serves you ALL right for believing the propaganda and not looking info up for yourselves. I don’t wear a mask because IT DOESN’T WORK!!!! I also don’t trust the stupid people in C.Springs because they don’t think past the nose on their face. The government is trying but they only have so much power. Personally I am immune to this crap so it doesn’t really effect me either way other than watching the rest of you scurry around wearing your fake protection thinking you are safe. good luck with that guys!!!

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