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Governor concerned about possible uptick of virus cases

DENVER (AP) - Gov. Jared Polis says that despite a downward trend of coronavirus cases in Colorado over the past two weeks, he remains concerned about a possible resurgence of the disease as the state’s economy gradually reopens.

The governor said Thursday that Colorado has experienced a decrease in new cases in 12 of the past 14 days, but he warned that neighboring states like Arizona and Utah have seen an uptick.

Colorado will soon enter a new phase with loosened social and business restrictions, and individual counties will be able to decide to reopen more businesses or allow larger social gatherings at the end of June or early July.

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  1. im concerned about our American born, now israeli citizen, governor polis being involved with US politics…. hes a spy

    1. It’s a bit early for you to be online, isn’t it? Your Windows won’t lick themselves.

  2. It’s riot season, covid season. Riot season, covid season. Riot season, covid season. If you haven’t figured this out yet, Covid is another attempt by the left to divide people. If Covid was such an easily transmitted disease, why aren’t all the protesters in Seattle not dropping dead?

    1. No one needs Covid to divide people when President Trump is doing that so well on his own.
      And anyone who is really smart understands the time lags between becoming infected, showing symptoms, being tested and diagnosed, and dying. So any effect from protests are only due to be showing up soon in the statistics.

      1. Lamest pandemic ever. Half the deaths are nursing home deaths. Median length of stay in Nursing home before death is only 5 months. I don’t know anyone who died of this. Meanwhile I’ve have recent YOUNG friends who have died from Prostrate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Suicide, Pneumonia, etc… If you’ll notice, people are out in DROVES now, both Democrats and Republicans. No one is scared of this virus. It’s been MONTHS. You are only going to be scared if someone healthy you know died of it. That’s in rare supply.

  3. The uptik is coming from more testing. The numbers are the same it is just we more knowledge because of testing.
    The key numbers to be aware of are the hospitalizations, ventilators required and deaths. All of those numbers are going down.

    1. Is that what fox news told you? You’re such a good expert. What with your Google skills and your Facebook memes. Who needs epidemiology when we have geniuses like you. College is for losers. Just listen to this guy.

  4. Hey Smarter than you… can you please crawl back under the rock and stay there until this is over.

    1. Till what is over? You doing whatever a group of corrupt politicians tell you to do because it’s in the “best interest” for everyone? Just wait.. you’ll get to a point where you say enough is enough. Unless you’re a spineless far left liberal that needs the Government to think for you. And change your name, Doc Holiday was a tough guy not a snowflake.

  5. Covid can only be spread by peaceful Republican gatherings, not Demoncrat rioters.

  6. Just reading these threads is enough to convince reasonable people that it’s not safe to go back to normal life. Unless these science-deniers are actually just angry ol’ bigots who never really come out of their caves.

  7. States all around us are starting to go up rapidly in more virus . at least do not let anyone in to Colorado to prevent it some

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